VIP.COM Gives Us Access to the Thriving Chinese Ecommerce Market

Winning Through Cooperation Makes VIP.COM a True E-Commerce Market Leader

I will be honest with everyone… I am fascinated with ecommerce. I am old enough to remember when the World Wide Web was just beginning. In my opinion, we are still sitting on a huge gold mine. We’ve only just begun… It’s an extremely exciting time in the world of retail. Some of us are doing better than others. Some of us are truly aware and are capitalizing on mobile — its future and tremendous strength.

“Ecommerce fascinates me… VIP.COM is an ecommerce — force majeure.” - Erika Blackwell, YBLTV Anchor

YBLTV was fortunate enough to ever-so-briefly enter the world of VIP.COM at this year’s MAGIC in Las Vegas, NV. I had the opportunity to speak with VIP International, Senior Director, Ms. Hillary Wang who shared with us some amazing insight on their company. She spoke with us about one of their most successful case studies involving Karen Murrell’s lipsticks and more…

The future of retail is 100% mobile 24/7… It is indeed limitless. And we love it — we all should. And, we might all want to look to VIP.COM to study their success in hopes of emulating it for ourselves. VIP.COM is without a doubt an ecommerce force majeur.

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