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How to Submit Products for YBLTV Review

Please submit all product review requests via e-mail to reviews [at] When pitching your product, kindly include the following:

  • Basic specifications
  • Price
  • Availability status
  • Carrier (if applicable)
  • Product photo(s)
  • Complimentary product (if available)
  • Press Kit
  • PR contact information
  • Technical specs, if relevant
  • Technical contacts, if relevant
  • Status of review models

If we determine that your product fits our current news coverage and schedule availability, we’ll ask you to send us your product to a specific Reviewer’s address OR our Post Office Box:

P.O.B. 60574
Boulder City, NV 89006 USA

Please call 818-981-9898 for any questions regarding your review. View our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and visit YBL LLC.

About Your Product Review*

There are no required product features to receive a review. Product reviews are well-researched and will contain the pros and cons of your product, its features and specifications and final remarks made by the Reviewer.

Most product reviews include photographs of the product; many reviews also can include a product video featuring an overview of the product as presented by a YBLTV Anchor or Reporter. Our reviews will always reflect the honest opinion of the YBLTV Reviewer. Full disclosure is noted in any review that we are provided complimentary product.

All published reviews on YBLTV will be marketed and distributed on our current social media networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and will include the hashtag #ad per FTC Blogger Guidelines if we are provided complimentary product. Complimentary products provided YBLTV for review will not be returned.

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Take your Product Review on YBLTV one step further and partner with us to Giveaway your product that we review. Participate in one or more of our Competitions and Giveaways* to gain even more brand exposure for your reviewed products! Contact us at reviews [at] for more information or call 818-981-9898 for further details.

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*Please note that not all products submitted to YBLTV will receive a Product Review and/or be considered for Giveaway.