Armor To Marry 3D Printing With Technology And Sustainability At CES 2018

Armor To Marry 3D Printing With Technology And Sustainability At CES 2018

DOT Project Leverages Filament Deposit for User Friendly

OWA Bluetooth Speaker

November 21, 2017 - Armor 3D has taken on the challenge of marrying cutting edge technology with beautiful art through Project #DOT. With 3D printing being all the craze, consumers are ready to move beyond the ordinary and embrace emerging technologies. New technology should be sleek, and simple, while maintaining the beauty and elegance to flow into any space. Through Project #DOT, Armor looks to transform how consumers view and think about the design of everyday products.

“Using recyclable filaments for our first product was critical as we wanted to embrace the notion of 3d printing having a limitless field of possibilities while also being environmentally conscious,” said Hubert de Boisredon, CEO, Armor Group.  “Our business is about moving the 3d printing business forward, integrating social innovation drives us forward and will put us at the forefront of the industry.”

Project #DOT is OWA Bluetooth speaker debuting at CES 2018. It has a 3D printed covering that envelops the speaker and can be customized to have any color/pattern/or shape you desire. The idea came from a 3D print openwork design project. Designers wanted to link functionality and aesthetics, which culminated in the lacework-like dome creating a unique design.

The material also plays a big part where the filaments used in the printer are made out of recycled & recyclable polystyrene. The electronic board has speakers that were developed to offer high quality sound no matter what your outside cage look like. This is the only Bluetooth speaker that is totally customizable both inside and out.

Armor’s Asia sector recently won the Sustainable Business Award in Singapore, recognition of not only our global presence, but leading and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Singapore. Each year, Armor’s production plants, serving all its activity centers, produce 7 million liters of ink. The company’s chemical expertise is supporting the digital revolution, both in the field of cartridges and the industrial printing sector.

Look out for their stunning speakers at booth 51253 at CES 2018 in the Sands, Hall G area.

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