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YBLTV invites you to participate in 2016 news coverage. Advertising Opportunities are geared to generate leads for you while providing valuable information to our viewership.

We recognize that video is the single most effective means to get your message across to your buyers. We also recognize a new generation of business TV - the convention & trade show industry - representing a $4.1 billion direct economic impact in Las Vegas, NV - the convention capital of the world.

Tap into our tremendous digital and in-person reach. As online distribution continues to eat away at the broadcast TV market, a YBLTV sponsorship allows users to connect individually with you, establishing credibility and loyalty from a repetition of message.

After experiencing a YBLTV video news segment with your integrated message, your prospects will have a much greater brand awareness for your product or service. Drive engagement and action from your message, deal or special offer in any one of our campaigns.

YBLTV’s production arm, YBL, LLC offers a variety of Display & Video Advertising and Branding Opportunities on YBLTV.  For more information, contact YBL, LLC today to request our 2016 Media Kit.