Valaurum Democratizes Gold Ownership with Aurum®

YBLTV Meets Aurum® at FreedomFest 2017

Gold is one of my favorite colors. But better yet, I’d rather own gold! And, gold from Valaurum, to be exact. I recently enjoyed meeting Valaurum’s President and Founder, Adam Trexler, Ph.D. at this year’s FreedomFest in Las Vegas, NV where the company was an Exhibitor. Mr. Trexler also moderated a session entitled, “The War on Cash.”

Watch our video interview with him above to learn more about how Valaurum is democratizing gold ownership and while you’re at it be sure to invest in some Aurum®.

“Valaurum’s Aurum® is the hottest gold I’ve seen, ” - Erika Blackwell, YBLTV Anchor

About Valaurum, Inc.

Valaurum, Inc. was created to make precious metal ownership and investment available to all people. Its primary product is the Aurum®, a thin layer of gold or other precious metal sandwiched between layers of protective polyester. Come to our workshops to learn more about the value of this new investment vehicle.

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