Sales Surge for BW Broadcast Transmitters

BW Broadcast: TX300 V2 FM Transmitter.
BW Broadcast: TX300 V2 FM Transmitter.

Demand skyrockets for BW Broadcast transmitters

Our award-winning V2 transmitters are gaining more popularity across the world, with one customer in North America taking 50 units for classified purposes. Being able to rely on our high-quality, yet cost effective transmitters means they can focus on carrying out strategic missions with high-performing technology.

Having previously provided transmission solutions for various non-profit organizations, LPFM stations, mass sports events, military purposes and governments, our FM transmitters are well-known across the world.

Our TX300 V2 FM transmitter has been a popular choice in the industry since it was first launched. This Radio “Pick Hit” award winning transmitter is packed with features to improve sound quality and reliability.

Our V2 transmitters have integrated multi-band DSPX audio processing that means stations without a dedicated processor, or without a budget for one, sound great, right out of the box. It also has one of the industry’s cleanest exciters and an ultra-low distortion modulator, which goes to make it a highly stable FM transmission system. The result is a clean, loud, market leading audio performance that will crush the competition.

Other notable sales include 15 BW Broadcast TX1500 V2’s, which were sent to Belgium for the Nostalgie network upgrade, and an order of 30 DSPXmini Encore audio processors from a state broadcaster in South Africa.

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