BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOOP™ Will Save You Time and Money


“BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™. YBLTV Review by Ellen Saravis.
“BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™. YBLTV Review by Ellen Saravis.

I recently received the Crisp White/Green DUO SET recoup BEAUTISCOOP to review from BEAUTILITY™.

Oh, how I love this little spatula looking tool! At first thought, hmmmm…I already scoop out my extra product with a cotton swab, or a paper clip (cotton fibers get in it, and messy) why do I need this scoop? Also, I turn my bottle upside down to let gravity move the product down to the cap, why do I need this Beautiscoop? Oh, but I do…here’s why:

When I turned my bottles upside down, I have to try and not let it spill all over the place, and if you quickly turn it up, all the product slides back down (defeating the purpose!) Also, some of it is really thick, so it can take days, and I need to use my products daily!

I especially like how Beautility created their Beautiscoop with the consumer in mind.

BEAUTILITY™ says this about the recoup BEAUTISCOOP™:

Think ahead! Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer for any gal on your list!

I want to add that, this is a great gift for men too! My husband used it to dig out the product left in his shaving cream, as well as his jar moisturizer!


  • 8″ & 11” length
  • Flexible, dual-sized scoops on each device
  • 8” Length: Tiny Tip for serums, lip glosses, lipsticks, tubes, travel sizes… Larger Tip for lotions,
    foundations, moisturizers, shampoo
  • 11” Length: Ideal for taller bottles like body lotions, shampoo/conditioners
  • Pays for itself over & over, as you save up to 25% more product
  • Non-porous; stain-resistant
  • Reusable – Clean with soap & water or makeup wipes
BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™. YBLTV Review by Ellen Saravis.
“BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™. YBLTV Review by Ellen Saravis.


Sleek design with pleasant color palette. Easy to use and easy to clean! Also, I like the idea that the company created a scoop that is made with recyclable packaging (as well as the scoop!) I love the fact that the scoop has two sizes, as we all have products with varying sized openings. I am especially excited about using the smaller scoop to dig out the rest of my favorite lipstick!

Another PRO is the mission of the Founder / Inventor, Michelle Gast who shares:

“We aim to inspire you to live a life of beauty and useful purpose. Believing one person can make a difference, we champion those striving to improve their lives, their community and the world.

Predicated on our fundamental belief that every woman and child is entitled to a life of freedom, beauty and purpose, BEAUTILITY™ partners with the Clear Water Initiative and the A21 Campaign to fight poverty and injustice on a global scale,”  Michelle Gast, Founder / Inventor, Beautility


It says it collapses to fit into tiny spaces. They mean the recoup BEAUTISCOUP™ can squish tightly to go into small openings of product containers. I thought it meant that the tool itself can extend tall or short, to fit into a purse or make up bag (that would be awesome!) **I did check out the Beautility website, and there is a duo set that has the 11-inch scoop I received, as well as a shorter 8-inch scoop that would be perfect to carry in a travel bag or purse!** So, be sure to shop Beautility’s entire product line!

I used the recoup BEAUTISCOUP™ on my CC cream tube, and worked well, but because the tube is not transparent- I had to cut it open with scissors to scoop out all of the extra product. The scoop helped, but I had to hunt around for a container to put the extra product in. It would be cool for BEAUTISCOUP™ to come with some small clear containers- kind of like when you purchase saline solution (for us contact wearers)- it comes with a new case. I actually used a new case for my extra CC cream product!

Final Thoughts

I really like the smartly designed and well thought out BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™ and will continue to use it. I love the way the company has been created. It is very empowering in their philanthropic efforts. And I also like that they are ecologically responsible with recyclable materials.

“BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™ will save you a lot of time and money,” - Ellen Saravis, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

“BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™. YBLTV Review by Ellen Saravis.
“BEAUTILITY™ recoup BEAUTISCOUP™. YBLTV Review by Ellen Saravis.

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