Put the Crunch Back in Your Salad with Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips

YBLTV Review: Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips

The problem with gluten free food is that the flavor is often tasteless and the product expensive. For a product to be gluten free and healthy, it also must be tasteless, right? Wrong! There are few products that deliver on taste and quality when it comes to gluten free living. One of my favorite products is Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips!

One of my favorite meals is salads. With the capability to contain almost anything, salads can be customized to suit your needs and tastes. There is no right or wrong way to make a salad. Whether you want a simple Caesar salad, with greens, croutons, and cheese, or a sophisticated Cobb salad, with everything on it, you’re sure to find a salad that will please you.

Many salads have one ingredient that is often left out to make the salad gluten free, croutons. Now, a salad is still a salad without the croutons. However, without them, your salad is missing that extra crunch and burst of texture and you’re left feeling dissatisfied.

“Put the crunch back in your salad with Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips!” - Sarah Kepins, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Mrs. Cubbison's Tri-Color Tortilla Strips. Review by YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Sarah Kepins.
Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips. Review by YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Sarah Kepins.

Many restaurants do not offer gluten free croutons and for those of you who enjoy making your own salad, croutons are time consuming to make. Who has time for that? I would much rather buy ready-made croutons. When it comes to gluten free products, the prices are normally expensive and are in small proportions so that you will be hard pressed to make the products last.

I am thrilled to say that I have found a product that is affordable, healthy, and not to mention colorful! This amazing product Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips! Each bag comes with a fun variety of white, red, and blue strips. As someone who is not a big fan of the over powering flavor of tortillas, these tortilla strips are the perfect ingredient to add to your salad to give it that much needed crunch. These strips blend together with any dressing and any salad. They are always fresh and never cease to bring life into my salad. Before I found them, I always found my salads to be missing something. However now, with them, I absolutely love salads.


  • Gluten-free
  • Cheap under $2 for a 4oz bag (price varies depending on where you buy it)
  • Adds that extra crunch to your salad
  • Blends well with any dressings


  • None

Final Thoughts

I love Mrs. Cubbison’s Tri-Color Tortilla Strips! and I would even go as far to say as these are better than croutons. Don’t believe me? Pick up a bag at your local food retailer and try them today - be sure to check out their Family Dinner Tips too!

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