Listen in Style with a Pair of Headphones from Happy Plugs!

Happy Plugs. YBLTV Review by Sarah Kepins.
Happy Plugs. YBLTV Review by Sarah Kepins.

YBLTV Review: Happy Plugs, Inc.

While there is nothing wrong with headphones, I have always preferred earbuds or small headphones since they are small and lightweight. Finding the perfect pair is essential. More than just a way to listen to music, earbuds can also express your style and mood. I was able to try a pair of headphones from Happy Plugs as part of last month’s CES Show and have found my perfect pair!

Happy Plugs are more than your average headphones. With many different colors and styles, Happy Plugs double as a fashion accessory and express your style while providing you with the best quality of sound.


Listed below are Happy Plugs details:

  • $29.99 per set
  • Available in eighteen different colors and patterns
  • Comes with a one-year premium replacement warranty
  • Compatible with all phones and iPods with a 3.5mm jack

My favorite thing about my pair of Happy Plugs headphones is that they come with a microphone and remote. When listening to playlists on my iPod, I tend to flip between songs on the screen, an action that normally drains the battery life.

However, with my pair of Happy Plugs headphones, I can now quickly and easily change songs with the remote. This means that I no longer have to use my screen and drain my iPod’s battery. I can also use the remote to answer phone calls with one click of a button rather than having to take my phone out of my pocket.

“Listen in style with a pair of headphones from Happy Plugs!” - Sarah Kepins, @sarahEK94 YBLTV Writer / Reviewer


  • The earbuds have a microphone and remote which lets you control music and take calls without consulting the screen
  • The remote and microphone are easy to use
  • The microphone can pick up sounds from a wide range which makes it easy to talk and multitask without having to hold the microphone up to your mouth
  • With so many different colors and patterns, there is an option for everyone
  • Comes packaged in a reusable plastic case


  • The microphone and remote are on the right side and cannot be changed to the left side. While I am right-handed and do not find this inconvenient, it may be inconvenient if you’re left-handed
  • The plug is in an L shape instead of straight. L shaped plugs can be inconvenient when tucking your iPod in a pocket as the plug can get caught. Although, L shaped plugs are less likely to come out of the jack when pulled or yanked. This is a preference thing and others might enjoy the L shaped plug

Final Thoughts

I love my pair of Happy Plugs headphones! The remote makes it easy for me to switch between songs without having to consult my screen and use up precious battery. I am also impressed with the quality of the microphone and the wide range of sound that it detects.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Sarah Kepins received a pair of Happy Plugs for free from Happy Plugs, Inc. in consideration for a Product Review.


Happy Plugs, Inc. was an Exhibitor at the 2018 CES Show in Las Vegas, NV.

YBLTV Multimedia Producer / Anchor, Erika Blackwell meets Happy Plugs Inc.'s Fredrik and Markus at CES 2018.
YBLTV Multimedia Producer / Anchor, Erika Blackwell meets Happy Plugs Inc.’s Fredrik and Markus at CES 2018.

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