YBLTV Review: Bamboo Fusion - the Original Source for Bamboo Massage

YBLTV Review & Giveaway: Bamboo-Fusion - Anti-Cellulite Self Massage Warm Bamboo Treatment

The Best Self-Massage Tool and Crème to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite!

As a retired Massage Therapist, having worked with a celebrity clientele in the BEST spas and hotels in Los Angeles, California, I have come across many products that have spectacular claims…and not all with worthy results. So, when I was asked to review Bamboo-Fusion Anti-Cellulite self-massage treatment with warmed bamboo massage tools that would mimic my forearm and thumb, and reduce the appearance of the cellulite on my thighs— I was skeptical at best. This company and product proved me wrong- It is absolutely amazing and works!

I have used massage tools on clients with ease, but to use one on myself and be relaxed and comfortable- and be able to massage myself well— these tools helped tremendously! They are easy to hold in your hand and are very well made with high-end bamboo. The tools are smooth and feel comforting, as they glide along the area on which you are reducing the cellulite.

“Bamboo Fusion’s Bamboo massage tools along with Bon Vital’s anti-cellulite crème is melting the cellulite right off of my thighs!” - Ellen Saravis, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

I warmed mine up with my electric blanket and they retained a warm (not hot) temperature for the entire massage session! The Bon Vital’ crème glides on smoothly, barely has a scent (which I like because I am very sensitive to perfume) and melts into your skin as you use Bamboo-Fusion’s bamboo tool to massage away your lumps and bumps! The directions say to do this treatment twice a day…So, in no time, I am sure to have smoother legs, and with all of that massaging, it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, draining all fat and toxins right out of my now, more youthful-looking skin.

This treatment package also includes an instructional DVD, where Bamboo-Fusion Founder, Nathalie Cecilia (with her delightful French accent and calming tone) teaches you how to do this treatment effectively. This entire treatment comes with a gorgeous bag, that has beautiful beading. It also presents as a beautiful day spa product.

I wanted to share my findings with you all right away, and I am sure to do a recap in the future as I continue with my twice-daily Bamboo-Fusion Anti-Cellulite ritual!


  • Bamboo feels really good on my skin
  • Bamboo tools are extremely well made for long lasting use
  • Easy to use tools and crème
  • Crème is pleasant, scentless and melts into skin, leaving a smooth, not sticky feel
  • Company does not do animal testing
  • Has plant derived active ingredients


Not a lot of cons, but if I need to share something…I will add, that, thought the carry bag is beautiful! Since this is a self-massage treatment, I am highly unlikely to keep putting tools and crème into the bag. I feel like the bag will eventually be used as a gift bag for someone, and the bamboo tools will be in a drawer. I wish that the kit came with one more piece of the flat-sided bamboo, so I could have one in each hand to doubly massage that anti-cellulite crème into my thighs!

Final Thoughts

I love this product! It makes me want to use my Bamboo-Fusion treatment every day, and also try the massage techniques on my husband (still have my massage table!) All of the products and tools feel luxurious because they are so well-made, and I look forward to continually using them.

Whether you are a Massage Therapist with clients or a “Do-It-Yourself” person who believes in self-care, this is one of the best day spas in a box, I guarantee you will have a smoother looking body, calmer outlook (massage is so meditative) and a renewed sense of your youthful self!


Bamboo-Fusion conducted demos at the Bon Vital/ Performance health booth at IECSC Las Vegas, 2017.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Ellen Saravis received Bamboo-Fusion Anti-Cellulite Self Massage Warm Bamboo Treatment for free from Bamboo-Fusion in consideration for a Product Review.

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