Don’t Just Grill, SMOKE IT ALL This Summer

Now Smoking Is As Easy As Opening a Package of Smoke It All

I’m not a professional griller.  I’ve used my Weber strictly for grilling burgers and chicken, as well as roasting veggies and the occasional turkey. When I was asked for my take on smoking, I decided it was time to explore that food enhancement with my grill.

Instead of using pre-soaked wood chips on hot coals for my first foray into smoking, I chose SMOKE IT ALL,  a pre-packaged smoking product from a company in Denmark that promised easy smoking for gas or charcoal grilling. I may not be a pro griller, but there is something about using a charcoal grill, that makes me feel less of an amateur.  I personally believe charcoal cooking grills up better-tasting food, as well.

“Start smoking, easy and quick with SMOKE IT ALL,” - DIY Pipeline, YBLTV Writer/Reviewer

I’ve learned that charcoal creates radiant heat, so food cooks a bit quicker; gas heat, on the other hand, gives off a water vapor and that diminishes the heat’s intensity.

SMOKE IT ALL has several smoking dust blends to choose from, all of them using Kiln-dried beechwood combined with a variety of spices. That sounded particularly uncomplicated to me. I started with the “Seaside” blend which included Allspice, Coriander, Mustard Seed, Onion, Pepper, Thyme, Tomato, and Paprika.

Directions Are Simple

I prepared medium hot coals for indirect heat and piled them to one side of the grill.  Next, I placed the SMOKE IT ALL tin tray with the smoking ingredients right on top of the coals—but only after I removed the sleeve and the film from the tin tray.

Then I placed the top rack on the grill, and oiled it using tongs with wadded paper towel, wet with a little oil – I find that keeps food from sticking.

When the tray began to smoke, I put a piece of salmon on the grill rack, above some coals but not directly above the smoking tray. Covered all, and kept the vents about a quarter open. Smoke began pouring out, and I must say, the aroma was heavenly.

I turned the salmon after 10 minutes and removed it from the grill 10 minutes later. It was perfect for me. I could taste the smokiness—but it wasn’t overpowering.

Tried different grilling times, different smoking dust blends, with other foods—veggies in a tray, sausage, even corn. Each attempt delivered slightly different tastes with just enough smoking flavor.  I don’t know if I would attempt foods requiring much longer cooking times with these 20-minute smoking trays, but for barbecuing seafood, hamburgers, chicken and more, SMOKE IT ALL does a wonderful job, easily and quickly when the mood calls for something smokey.

Follow package instructions to remove the tray with tongs.

Other flavors include kiln-dried beechwood with a variety of spices for smoking pork, beef, poultry, lamb and game.

Check out the SMOKE IT ALL website for their user guide and flavor blends.

About Smoke It

SMOKE IT ALL is a Danish company producing instant smoker boxes for grilling that is an easy and convenient way to add smoke flavor to any grilling occasion. Our product is a gourmet blend of beech wood with herbs and spices that can used on both gas as well as charcoal grills. Unlike other products, there is no soaking, just smoking!

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