Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear - Cool, Stylish & Functional - Take the Party Wherever You Go!

YBLTV Review: Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear

When it comes to headphones, one needs to have both great style and function. The Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear have exactly that. With their colorful LED lights against their smooth black frame and their cute cat ears, these headphones are all sorts of fun. They come in a neat carrying case that fits perfectly to the headset along with an auxiliary cord and a charger.

Upon taking the headset out of its case, I saw that there were buttons exclusively on the right ear muff. These buttons controlled the volume, play and pause, the LED lights, the Bluetooth, and the speakers. With the light buttons, one has the option to change the color and settings of the lights. For example, with the click of a button, I was able to change the lights from a still setting to flashing with the beat of the music to constantly changing colors.

These settings are very fun, but they aren’t the only unique thing the headphones have going for them. Not only is the headset noise-cancelling, but while the earmuffs work as speakers, so to do the cat ears. That’s right! The cat ears are speakers too. This function allows the music to be blasted from the earmuffs, the cat ears, or both. That means to share music with friends, all one would have to do is press one small button. Regardless of which setting I chose, however, I never had an issue hearing my music as I have with some earphones.

The Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones have amazing sound quality on top of everything else. There is no need to raise the music to top volume, because everything can be heard nicely at a medium or even low setting as long as it isn’t muted. I was able to clearly hear my music even while sitting in a car with the radio on loud.

The only thing that could make the headphones better would be to strengthen the brightness of the LED lights. While the lights are still bright, in sunlight they do have a much less clear glow. Overall, the Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones are top notch. They sport several differently colored LED lights, booming cat ear and earmuff speakers, and a beautifully sleek and smooth style that can go with just about everything.

Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear. YBLTV Review by Gabrielle Latch.
Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear. YBLTV Review by Gabrielle Latch.

Product Features

The Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear have a few really good features. There are the LED lights that can change both color and speed, and there are the cat ears that double as external speakers. If you don’t want to hear the noise of the outside, the earmuffs are also noise cancelling. These speakers rock style and function because they don’t just look nice - they actually work well. They are appealing to the eye and with all the cool functions it has, they are very desirable.

Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear. YBLTV Review by Gabrielle Latch.


  • Very comfortable
  • Nice style
  • The lights are definitely cool
  • The ears also working as external speakers is not only cute, but also super fun
  • The fact that the earmuffs are noise cancelling is a great feature as well
  • Being able to change the color and speed of the lights makes the product more appealing to users. Options are good.


  • They could use some brighter LED lights. When it’s light out, it is a bit harder to see the lights on the headphones.
  • Making some different themed headphones could definitely up the appeal. Dogs and bunnies, kings and queens - there is much fun to be had with more than just cats!

“The Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones are fun and stylish with some rocking speakers - you can take the party anywhere you go!” - Gabrielle Latch, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Final Thoughts

I must say that Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones headphones rock. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for something fun with great speakers. They are not a girls-only headset, so boys are free to get in on the fun. These headphones are an inexpensive gift for all ages to enjoy during any occasion and are definitely worthy of being at the top of the shopping list.

Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear. YBLTV Review by Gabrielle Latch.
Cat Ear Headphones by Axent Wear. YBLTV Review by Gabrielle Latch.

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