“T@gged” Review — You Could Be Dead!

Getting Social on Mobile — Harmless or Deadly?

The world of communication has indeed changed. Ask any 40-something with a teenager in high school or even middle school. Texting, sexting, video chats on a smart phone. Portable and “private”.

Technology may have changed but the environment essentials are the same as they have been with past generations.  Kids still share intimate secrets with friends, keep secrets from parents, bully other kids, flirt, experiment, take risks and hide fears. Only now, it’s via social media.

In a contemporary new series, three young women, juniors in high school, give us a reality check on the terrifying danger of telling it all on social media. “T@gged” is an 11-part psychological thriller that identifies risks and potential life ending possibilities, that can occur when an anonymous predator tags the girls’ social-media profiles to an online murder.  The girls have to find the killer, before he finds them.

“T@gged” is a series that every parent, grandparent and teen should see. In fact, I recommend they watch it together—if it’s at all possible.

The girls are real, not MTV cutesy characters. The language is real, just the way kids talk today, abbreviated, in person and in text.  Their behavior is real, but definitely amped up from mom and pops’ high school days.  Their fears?  Just as scary and real as it has been for anyone who made it through teendom. But today’s fears are also amped up in this world of anonymous voyeurs, and with them, so are the dangers.

The cast works beautifully together. A strong ensemble cast that includes: Lia MarieJohnson (Expelled), Lulu Antariksa (What Still Remains), Katelyn Nacon (The Walking Dead), JC Caylen (Boo! A Madea Halloween), Tristin Mays (The Vampire Diaries), Timothy Granaderos (We are your friends), Brendan Meyer (Fear the Walking Dead, Mr. Young), Nick Fink (Sweet/Viscious), Lukas Gage (Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse), Kurt Caceres (All My Children, and Claudia Sulewski (TeenVogue You Tube Host).

Director and Scriptwriter, Hannah MacPherson has captured authentic teens in her beautifully written script and achieved dynamic realism with an assemblage of close-ups and mood shots outstandingly lit. Editor Matthew Randell is an artist with his cuts and Josh Gable’s visual effects adds the frosting.

“T@gged” is produced by AwesomenessTV,  a media and entertainment company located in Los Angeles, California. It is a joint venture of DreamWorks Animation, Hearst Corporation, and Verizon.

Watch “T@gged” beginning TODAY on Go90 streamed free on your smartphone.

Visit AwesomenessTV on YouTube.

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