Saving the World One Cocktail at a Time With Industry Juice

YBLTV Giveaway: Industry Juice

YBLTV Giveaway: Industry Juice: 5 Liters Cold-Pressed Lime & 5 Liters Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice

What an awesome time I had chatting with Industry Juice, Founder & Serial Entrepreneur, Scott Holstein at the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show. If any of you hail from the Windy City, you may remember a wonderful little coffee shop named The Third Coast. Last time I visited Chicago, the only 3rd Coast I know of now is located on N. Dearborn and W. Goethe. Well, there was another one, too — located at the corner of Delaware and Rush.

My, have the years gone by. Scott was a friend, way back when at my favorite hangout— The 3rd Coast on Delaware.

Congrats Scott! Your Industry Juice is amazing. I love the taste - tart and sweet - I’ll have it both ways! Here’s to your Entrepreneurship!

And don’t forget — if you want a little tart and sweet too — be sure to #EnterToWin our awesome #Giveaway from Industry Juice - Here’s to saving the world one cocktail at a time!

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