Ganzin Sneak Peek: New Age AR / VR Experience

Ganzin Sneak Peek: New Age AR / VR Experience

Ganzin Sneak Peek: New Age AR / VR Experience

Ganzin Eye-Tracking Technology, The New Way To Experience AR / VR

What we have here is a revolutionary breakthrough in the ways of AR / VR tech. Ganzin has re-designed the necessary algorithms for a precise eye-tracking module. Ganzin has spent years taking the current adoption barriers for eye-tracking technology and drastically improved them.

Some of the adoption barriers include:

  • Power- Current eye-tracking modules require large amounts of power without much usage time before a recharge
  • Weight- Current eye-tracking tech is complex and usually requires multiple IR light sources which tends to increase the size and weight of the module
  • Mobility- There are also limits on where the eye-tracking tech can be used due to a reliance on specific light sources (Indoor vs. Outdoor)
  • Cost- The overall complexity of the hardware used in the eye-tracking devices mentioned above tends to keep the cost relatively high

“Ganzin’s eye-tracking is the future of AR / VR technology,” Laura Kirani, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer / Anchor @Lkirani91

How Ganzin improved on these barriers:

  • Seamless integration- “The new small and light form factor can be embedded into smart eye-glasses without burdensome bulk or weight. The team has also developed a robust SDK and supporting testing module for quick validation and testing purposes.” - Dr. JY Chueh
  • All day battery life-The module is designed to support 12 hours of eye-tracking usage, opening the doors to many possibilities currently limited by poor power efficiency
  • Unbound Usage Scenarios- The new module works both indoor, outdoor, cordless and minimally disturbing to the regular use of your eyes

AR / VR is becoming a greater part of our lives, a little bit more each day. We must adapt accordingly, using eye-tracking tech we are one step closer to understanding and taming the digital world.