ICEMULE® Coolers.

ICEMULE® Coolers: Avoid the Cooler from Becoming Dead Weight

YBLTV Giveaway: ICEMULE® Coolers - IceMule Classic™ Medium

YBLTV Review: ICEMULE® Coolers - The ICEMULE Pro™

YBLTV Giveaway: ICEMULE® Coolers - IceMule Classic™ Medium - Seafoam

How many times have you gone to a party only to find out that you have to haul a cooler over harsh terrain? ICEMULE® Coolers has the answer with their backpack-style ice coolers. The coolers are designed to fit exactly how one wears a backpack and most of all, it’s just as comfortable. No more having to lug your favorite brews over unforgiving terrain by large, bulky, plastic ice chests.

Upon receiving the ICEMULE Pro™ Large backpack cooler, all one has to do is open the air vent to allow air into the pack. Fill with ice and your favorite cold beverages- then close and go. The ICEMULE Pro is very comfortable, mainly due to added padding to the area that is worn as a backpack. Clips have also been added to help in keeping the pack on you. These clips also help avoid having to adjust the straps, as the clips keep the straps from slipping off the users shoulders.

“ICEMULE Coolers make carrying your favorite beverages to a party or your groceries home a lot easier,” - Jack X, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

You close the ICEMULE Pro™  by folding the top of it a few times toward the front of the bag and then snap it backward towards the backpack straps. This way, a tight fit can be created to keep your items cool!



  • Capacity: 23L / 18 cans + ice
  • In Use Dimensions: 17″ x 11″ x 14″
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs

Final Thoughts

My girlfriend and I both used the cooler pack when picking up food from the store. Instead of lifting a heavy square cooler up to our fridge/freezer once home, we carried in a lighter weight backpack that had the food we purchased from that day. ICEMULE ® Coolers made carrying in our groceries a lot easier. I suggest ICEMULE® Coolers to anyone looking for an easier way of carrying their favorite beverages to a party or groceries home. Check out the complete collection of ICEMULE® Coolers and also their User Guides.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Jack X received The ICEMULE Pro™ for free from ICEMULE® Coolers  in consideration for a Product Review.

ICEMULE® Coolers.
ICEMULE® Coolers.

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