YBLTV Review: JVC HA-SR185 Headphones

JVC HA-SR185 Headphones: YBLTV Review by LaMetra Miller.
JVC HA-SR185 Headphones: YBLTV Review by LaMetra Miller.

It is hard to find name brand products at reasonable prices but JVC, a popular brand that has been around for years, accommodates those who are budget-conscience. JVC HA-SR185 bass headphones have a good bass sound that allows any listener to bob their head to their favorite music and for $19.99 you cannot beat a deal like that.

JVC headphones delivers on bass quality average at best but only if you compare bass sound to SkullCandy and Beats headphones. You will get a good quality sound from JVC headphones because the music is clear and there is no static or tremble noise issues whereas some headphones have so much bass and tremble that lyrics to any song is sometimes not understandable — JVC does not have that problem because you can hear every word in a song.

Unfortunately, the noise reduction is not strong at all and the outside world can still be heard. Of course, it depends on how loud you want the sound. Being able to tune out conversation and other outside sounds at a lower level would be high on most consumer lists for quality headphones.

“JVC HA-SR185 headphones provide clear sound with quality bass, a remote button and a one year warranty - all at a very low price - not bad!” - LaMetra Miller, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

The JVC HA-SR185 bass headphones also come with a one-button remote that allows you to play, pause and skip to the next track or even to the previous track. However, even with the instructions on how to use the remote it may be hard to navigate and a skip may end up being a pause but answering phone calls with the remote button makes up for the mistakes.

The headphones are lightweight and are adjustable to fold at the earpiece to make for easy storage in most bags.

JVC HA-SR185 headphones come in pink, purple, black or white and are a great deal for $19.99. There is a one-year warranty included that will give consumers the opportunity to replace or repair defective parts.

Final Thoughts

JVC HA-SR185 headphones are an awesome deal for the price in your choice of color: pink, purple, black or white. Clear sound with quality bass, remote button and a one year warranty - not bad!

The JVC HA-SR185 headphones can be purchased at Walmart for $19.99.

For more information, please visit JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation.

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