Ingenico Labs Leads the Screen Commerce Revolution

YBLTV Pysched to Meet Ingenico: The Global Leader in Seamless Payments

Let’s All Tap to Pay

YBLTV has wanted to meet Ingenico Labs for quite awhile. So, we were very excited to connect with them at this year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Ingenico is the innovation unit of Ingenico Group. The company presents a unique NFC connected screen developed under its Think&Go brand.

Watch our video interview above with Ingenico Group‘s, VP, Business Development, Chris Tyghe to learn why a payment company is getting into the digital signage industry in a very, very — BIG way… Just think of all the wall of surprises retailers can offer to consumers — the opportunities are endless!

About Think&Go

Think&Go is the inventor of connected screens (2 patents and 20 international innovation awards including 2 prestigious Sesame at Cartes 2013, E-Commerce Wards in Paris 2015 and the LaTribune/BNP young entrepreneurs 2016). This technology allows consumers to interact and exchange information with the screens images in less than one second, by just placing their smartphone, contactless card, connected watch or epassport on the screens images. Think&Go has already sold over 200 screens worldwide, in retail, transport, digital signage, and banks, with applications including e-commerce or Drive-to-Store allowing consumers to retrieve reduction coupons with any connected object.

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