WooHoo™ is CES 2017 Innovation Award honoree for first-ever AI-powered smart home system

WooHoo™ is CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree for First-Ever AI-Powered Smart Home System

WooHoo™ has made smart living simple with its AI-powered, cloud-based smart home system, making all other systems obsolete

WooHoo has the potential to completely change the way we interact with our home.  In recognition of its revolutionary capabilities, CTA has named WooHoo as a 2017 CES Innovation Award honoree in the Smart Home category. This is an incredibly competitive category, and WooHoo is honored to be one of a few products to be given this recognition this year.

Exactly what is so revolutionary about this product? WooHoo is the only smart home device that can actually learn, thanks to its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It uses a patent-pending Spatial Sound System which fills a room 360° with crystal clear acoustics. It’s connected to the Cloud and fully synchronizable with current and future smart devices – from televisions to smartphones to laptops to virtually any device powered by smart technology.

The most communicative smart device ever made: Not only can it communicate with most smart home devices… it can communicate with people as well! WooHoo has natural language processing capabilities so it can follow voice commands to adjust the thermostat and lighting, create to-do lists, control electronics… the possibilities are truly endless. It’s like having your own personal butler!

Sensors and facial recognition for home safety: WooHoo’s 360° rotating 1080p HD camera capable of facial recognition truly makes it the smartest home media device ever created. It also comes equipped with infrared night vision and motion detection to protect homes from intruders and thieves. It can even detect smoke and carbon monoxide!

Fully responsive and integrative: WooHoo uses an Android-based touchscreen system as its base. From there, it’s possible to check on the status of one’s home and devices, download apps, video chat, and more. It also has an SD card reader, a slot to support 4G LTE, and USB and HDMI ports. Whether it’s playing high-def movies from a USB or looking through photos of a recent trip on an SD card, WooHoo has made using and sharing media simple.

WooHoo is brought to you by SmartBeings®, a diverse Silicon Valley-based company united by a common vision of creating innovative technology solutions at an affordable price. WooHoo will launch its Kickstarter campaign on January 5th, 2017, offering this game-changing device on pre-order for a very low introductory price and subscription. To keep informed of exciting early bird offers and giveaways, sign up for notifications at http://www.smartbeings.com

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