YBLTV Spotlight Company: Crowdynews

Crowdynews Logo. Source: Crowdynews.
Crowdynews Logo. Source: Crowdynews.

Crowdynews at NAB 2016

YBLTV: What does your company do?

Crowdynews: Crowdynews provides a social media curation platform that brings the best content from the social web to a publisher’s site. We enable you to incorporate the voice of the crowd (from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more) alongside your articles.

YBLTV: How long has the company been in business?

Crowdynews: Crowdynews was founded in 2010.

YBLTV: What product(s) do you currently sell?

Crowdynews: We offer three main products: Article Engager (intelligent & automated social stream creation based on systematic reading and interpreting the content and context of an article); Breaking Burner (breaking social news and real­time social stream); most popular social posts about a topic).

YBLTV: What do your products offer that competitors’ products do not?

Crowdynews: Crowdynews focuses exclusively on media companies (publishers, TV broadcast, radio, etc.) We offer artificial intelligence and natural language processing, plus advanced filtering, to deliver highly relevant social content across 25+ languages and 9+ social networks.

YBLTV: What are the key features that are unique to your company?

Crowdynews: Uniquely Crowdynews offers Article Engager, which automatically “reads” the content of a page, understands it content and context, and automatically fetches the most appropriate social content to display alongside.

YBLTV: What are your biggest differentiators in terms of value to a partner?

Crowdynews: We help enable the incorporation of social media content on scale, with great efficiency. Our solutions are designed to increase user engagement with the site (more time spent, more pageviews); unlike other solutions, our approach is designed to keep users on the site not click them out to other sites.

YBLTV: What do your top partners look like and how do you engage with them?

Crowdynews: We work with companies who serve millions of readers monthly. We work together to determine where on the site social media will be most beneficial, and then build a plan together that will enrich that experience over time, whether by adding social streams on more pages, introducing various product models.

YBLTV: How do you see the broadcast / media landscape evolving in 2016 and beyond?

Media companies will continue to feel the pressure of attracting and keeping readers on their owned sites, and will need to find value­-rich ways to keep readers there and keep them coming back. We believe social media is one way to help do this.

YBLTV: How is your company supporting its partners as they adapt to these changes?

Crowdynews: We’re working to demonstrate how embracing the voice of the customer from social can help media companies develop better relationships with their readers.

YBLTV: What has been your company’s biggest challenge so far?

While many of the challenges facing media companies worldwide are universal, there are regional nuances that are important to be aware of, as relates to our product or our go to market. To that end we have put teams on the ground in market to make sure we can best understand and address the needs of the local media companies.

YBLTV: Where next? What markets are you looking into and where do you see the company in 5 years time?

We’re focusing on developing our presence in the US and UK, and broadening our footprint across publishers & broadcasters.


Connect with Crowdynews

Website: www.crowdynews.com
Twitter: @Crowdynews
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Crowdynews/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/crowdynews

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