3dRudder Releases a New Website Dedicated to Businesses

3dRudder Releases a New Website Dedicated to Businesses
3dRudder Releases a New Website Dedicated to Businesses

September 27, 2017 (New York, NY – Aix-en-Provence, France) – 3dRudder announces the release of its new website dedicated to professionals, working or planning to work in VR environments.

You are a professional, and make a daily use of virtual reality, or just plan on finally implementing VR into your work scheme? Don’t miss the 3drudderbusiness.com website.  

The 3drudderbusiness.com website gives you insights and ideas on how to get the most out of VR:

  • Real estate & Constructionwalk your prospective customers through their projects in a seamless manner to dramatically increase buy in and improve cost efficiency.
  • Tourism & Culture: provide your visitors with a 360-motion solution during the virtual visit of your site to increase your attendance and make your experience talked about
  • CAD & Design: transfer motion management to your feet and let your hands focus on design
  • Education, training, healthcare: coming up soon, input for your industry and ideas to set your projects into motion.

What’s to find on 3drudderbusiness.com:

  • Insights & ideas for your industry, for a successful use of Virtual Reality,
  • Detailed information about how the 3dRudder works in VR, in general terms and business-wise,
  • Videostutorials, and documentation for an easy integration of the 3dRudder.

Why a dedicated website for businesses?

As a professional, you expect VR to bring value to your business, and look for solutions that will help you turn your project into a success.
3dRudder has been in the VR industry since 2014, and offers the most appropriate VR motion controller for all kind of industries: used seated, it avoids risk of injuries, and can be used for hours without fatigue. It provides a comprehensive 360° motion solution triggered by your feet, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

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