YBLTV Product Review: StoAmigo. Review published by YBLTV Writer/Reviewer, Jack X.

YBLTV Product Review: StoAmigo

StoAmigo: Cloud Storage Made Simple

Working professionally in audio, the largest problem that I found was in music storage and sending music to clients. StoAmigo has been a huge help in this department. Not only does this program work great for storage on my computer systems but the developer also makes an amazing cell phone app.

I can save my music on a cloud based server provided by the company, then bring that music up anywhere I want as a streaming music file with a clear cell signal. I can also send these files across e-mail using this system to help speed up the upload process. The program includes features that I found useful in keeping my audio tracks from being taken without my permission. The one feature I used the most was the ability to not allow the unauthorized download of files. With this feature I can make any file uploaded to this program as a view/listen only file. In this age of digital connectivity, this program allows me to protect my work and the work of my clients. I can also add a time limit as to when I permit a file to be downloaded and I can stop the ability to download a file at anytime. If a collaboration with someone else ends abruptly for any reason, I can keep them from downloading the file.

The prices for the program are more than reasonable. The company has a free limited version and a full version that is unlocked with a small one time fee. The company also offers storage size upgrades for a very low price. This review reflects the full version since the company was kind enough to allow me to do a full review of the product.

The only drawback is that even though the full version of this program allows you to search inside an entire computer hard drive, the program is limited to only one hard drive. I have been told by a company employee that this feature is being upgraded for future versions. Other than this one simple drawback, I have nothing but praise for this program and continue to use it for all my audio professional needs.


Video provided by StoAmigo.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Jack X received a complimentary full version account from StoAmigo in consideration for a Product Review.

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