FremantleMedia and the Future Group Collaborate On The Groundbreaking New Entertainment Format Lost In Time

FremantleMedia to handle global rights to Interactive Mixed Reality TV format co-developed with The Future Group

7TH November, 2016OSLO – Leading content creator FremantleMedia today announced Lost in Time, a newly-developed, first-of-its-kind entertainment format using Interactive Mixed Reality™ on both TV and mobile devices.

Lost in Time is set to push the boundaries of television as we know it by incorporating real-time special effects pioneered in The Matrix that bring a feature film experience to the TV. Lost in Time allows viewers to actually compete in the show to win prizes through an iOS or Android app in a first-ever blending of primetime TV and mobile entertainment.

Lost in Time follows three contestants as they are transported into different eras including the Wild West, Ice Age, Medieval age and the Jurassic period where they compete in a series of epic challenges against the clock with the aim of winning one jackpot prize. The fast-paced entertainment show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they watch the contestants battle it out to be crowned Champion.

Viewers can also be taken to the Lost in Time virtual world via a smartphone or tablet app where they are able to play against the show contestants as well as other players from across the country in real-time.

Produced in partnership with Norway-based IMR pioneer The Future Group, the initital version of Lost in Time is currently being developed and produced by FremantleMedia Norway for TV Norge and is set to launch in a primetime slot in Spring, 2017. The Norwegian version of Lost in Time will be hosted by Fridtjof Nilsen.

Petter Testmann-Koch, MD, FremantleMedia Norway, said; “This newly-developed technology has allowed us to create a pioneering type of entertainment show that truly is at the forefront of future television trends. Viewers will see contestants competing in virtual eras in time and get to experience the adventure along the way through the play-along app. We are very excited about this format and believe that it has huge potential with global clients.”

The Future Group was co-founded by Executive Chairman, Jens Petter Høili and CEO, Bård Anders Kasin. At the age of 22, Bård Anders moved to the USA and was a part of developing the special effects for the Matrix movies.

Bård Anders Kasin, CEO, The Future Group, said; “It´s fantastic that TV has finally stepped into the digital age, and we are very glad that our virtual studio technology is contributing to this. This technology makes it possible to create completely new forms of entertainment that melds the real and the virtual worlds. Lost in Time is just the beginning.”

Eivind Landsverk, Program Director, TV Norge and Discovery Networks said; “Lost in Time is not only a new gameshow, but a unique combination of game-based linear TV and digital participation brought right into your living room that up until now hasn’t been technically possible. We’re basically launching a whole new way of experiencing TV.”