AccuWeather Announces “Extreme” Meteorologist Reed Timmer Joins AccuWeather Network Team

AccuWeather Announces "Extreme" Meteorologist Reed Timmer Joins AccuWeather Network Team.

AccuWeather Announces “Extreme” Meteorologist Reed Timmer Joins AccuWeather Network Team.

Timmer’s unmatched storm chasing coverage expands AccuWeather’s robust video content on the AccuWeather Network, AccuWeather apps, and, driving continued cross-platform growth

AccuWeather Global Weather Center - November 10, 2016  -AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced veteran Extreme  Meteorologist Reed Timmer has formally joined the AccuWeather staff, cementing the relationship that has existed for some time between his company and the Network.  He will be able to continue and expand his industry leading on-location breaking-weather video coverage.  Timmer will now combine his broad meteorological knowledge and experience with his passion for chasing storms. He will deliver the most riveting, up-close local breaking weather coverage in the industry and further expand AccuWeather’s compelling video content on cable and digital.

Timmer uses the unique 360 video cameras and experience to bring viewers closest to the action, providing a new level of video innovation. Immersive cutting-edge 360 videos give AccuWeather viewers a unique insider perspective on weather events, driving the most in-depth understanding of severe weather, in addition to high engagement.  One of Timmer’s most breathtaking 360 videos captured an extreme close-up of an EF-2 tornado in Wray, Colorado, which quickly went viral in May 2016.  Footage from the event garnered over 16 million views across YouTube and social networks.  See AccuWeather’s 360 video of the Wray, Colorado tornado here.

Timmer and his company have been chasing storms for AccuWeather for the last two years, providing coverage of extreme weather in the U.S.  He has documented over 1,000 tornados since beginning his career in 1998 and has also chased a vast amount of hurricanes and blizzards.  He has been present at the most historic extreme weather events including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Super Outbreak in “Dixie Alley” in 2011.  Timmer is highly recognized in the public eye for his tenure on Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers” television series from 2008-2011 and is a published author.  He earned his Ph.D. in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma.

“As AccuWeather’s lead Extreme Meteorologist, Reed Timmer is at the forefront of in-field severe weather coverage, delivering the most engaging videos that hold expansive, global appeal across AccuWeather platforms,” said John Dokes, General Manager of AccuWeather Network and AccuWeather Chief Marketing Officer.  “We will continue to enhance and expand the innovative in-field coverage that Reed and his team uniquely deliver.”

“I am thrilled to continue reporting on the country’s most extreme storms with the AccuWeather team while delivering the most captivating in-field severe weather video coverage available, seen on the AccuWeather Network, AccuWeather apps, and,” Timmer said.  “I continue to focus on giving viewers the best insider view during extreme weather events while providing life-saving weather news and information that helps to keep AccuWeather viewers prepared for what’s ahead.”

Barry Lee Myers, AccuWeather CEO said, “Bringing Reed and his capabilities into the company will bring our viewers the very best storm coverage available. Others may hype a storm, Reed will lead the AccuWeather team, so that viewers and digital users actually will be in the storm.”

The AccuWeather Network is the only “All Weather, All the Time” HD source for 24/7 weather broadcasts, providing millions of households with a smarter choice in weather programming without the distracting and needless fluff of reality TV shows.  The AccuWeather Network focuses on local weather and also features national and regional weather of interest provided in context, reporting on top weather news and applying it to peoples’ lives. Topics include safety, lifestyle, health, travel, business, and more. The network is unique to customers, dedicated to helping viewers effectively “follow the stories” that most affect them by providing the most important weather updates and their impacts.  Backed by the expertise of over 90 meteorologists with a combined 1,300 years of forecasting experience, AccuWeather is the leader in global weather forecasting.

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