Intelligent Energy, Commercial Director, Julian Hughes talks with YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell at InterDrone 2016.

Market Leader Intelligent Energy Revolutionizes Drone Industry with Fuel Cell Technology

YBLTV had the pleasure to speak with fuel cell company, Intelligent Energy at InterDrone 2016. Commercial Director, Julian Hughes showed us the company’s fuel cell hydrogen powered drone prototypes as well as some examples of the ultra-light weight fuel cell stacks they have developed for the drone market.

Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell technology could truly revolutionize the potential of drone technology by freeing it from the constraints of range and battery life. Here’s to your exciting future - we can’t wait for your disruption!

Julian participated in the InterDrone 2016 panel entitled, “Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon.”

About Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy delivers efficient and clean energy technology for the global consumer electronics, automotive and stationary power markets – from compact energy packs for mobile devices, to power-trains for zero-emission vehicles, and stationary power units for the always-on infrastructure. Our unique technology architecture is used by global blue chip companies to create differentiated, cost-efficient fuel cell power systems for mass market applications. It enables Intelligent Energy and our industry partners to solve the challenges of continuous power and productivity, by creating convenient everyday energy solutions to power your life. Intelligent Energy operates globally, with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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