Synology’s 1st Ever Router

YBLTV Gets a Look at Synology’s First Ever Router

YBLTV finds out about Synology‘s first ever Router. Why this new product now? We spoke with Terry Liao, Marketing Manager, Synology, Inc. Understanding the importance of fast and reliable Wifi access, Synology avoids any internet “speed bumps” bypassing speed bottlenecks, using all the latest technology in the RT1900ac Router. This includes a game-changing software experience with a user friendly interface anyone at any tech level can easily navigate. This Synology Router is fast, dependable transfer speeds, professional network management, all-in-one office tool for all your home or office usage needs!

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About Synology, Inc.

Synology creates award winning network attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transforms the way users manage data. Synology aims to help users backup & centralize data, share files remotely, implement professional surveillance solutions, manage network in reliable and affordable ways and deliver best in class customer service.

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