Computer Postures Just Got a Shot in the Arm with Contour Design’s Unimouse

YBLTV Quick Peek: Contour Design Inc.’s, Unimouse

Contour Design’s Unimouse is a computer peripheral that allows the user to change their sitting positions for better comfort. The Unimouse is a new way to fix the constant sitting position that is present with today’s computer usage. Using the Unimouse, professionals who live their day in front of a computer are able to ease some of the stress apparent with a regular mouse and the normal sitting position.

“Remain productive and get more pain free work done with Contour Design’s Unimouse,” - Washington Thompson III, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Pain is the Problem and Contour Design Has the Solution

Repeated daily motions with a regular mouse have been tied to pains, stress and health issues in today’s working professional. WMSDs (Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders) and mouse shoulder pain are also side effects of incorrect upper body posture. Consider all elements of the workplace when trying to fix risk issues. A helpful friend - the ergonomic mouse created by Contour Design - is the new standard.

Be sure to visit the Unimouse website.

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