Trae Products. YBLTV Quick Peek.

Trae Products: Lighting Will Never Be the Same for Your Home or Office

YBLTV Quick Peek: Trae Products

Switch From Conventional Lighting Technologies to LED Lighting with Trae Products

Trae is one of the most awesome tech products we’ve ever seen. We love ingenious, sleek design and engineering. And that’s exactly what you get with Trae Products.

Made by Geeks with serious addictions to cool toys and new technology, the team doesn’t believe in creativity driven by market data spreadsheets. They believe in the “WOW” factor.

Trae Products incorporates LED and OLED lamps, wireless charging bases, aluminum frames and super creative motion control technology to create one of a kind architectural masterpieces… Your home or office lighting will never again be the same.

Trae Products. YBLTV Quick Peek.
Trae Products. YBLTV Quick Peek.

Trae Reveals Three Lines of LED and OLED Lamps for 2018:

  • First, the Color Touch family, eight LED lamps boasting abstract and artistic designs, loaded with personality, and soft to the touch, will be launching in February on Amazon. Select models will have wireless charging or USB Charging Ports. Prices will range from $49.99 to $149.99.
  • Next, the avant-garde Metal in Motion series, starring six LED lamps defined by total motion control technology, signature full flex ’memory metal’ hinges, and USB Charging ports, will be launching in Spring 2018. Prices will range from $149.99 - $249.99.
  • Also in spring, Trae will be bringing to market their highest end lighting products, two masterpieces of technology and design: super thin, apple-esque aluminum structures, ultra- premium LG OLED Panels, and wireless charging on the flagship piece. Prices will range from $349.99 - $449.99.

Meet Some of the Trae Family:

We can’t wait to see what shape or form Trae comes up with for their next product line, can you!?!

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