The LG Stylo™ 3 Review: A Step Into Professionalism

7.5 Total Score
Straight Talk Wireless' LG Stylo 3

Straight Talk Wireless' LG Stylo 3 is sophistication at your fingertips!

  • It has the best hearing aid compatibility (HAC) rating, which is something VERY rare in phones these days. In fact, most iPhones don’t even have this level of functionality for the hard of hearing!
  • It’s big, but not absurdly so
  • Affordable
  • Android OS
  • Easy to set up and easy to navigate
  • The stylus pen is an incredibly nifty touch, no pun intended. It gives an air of professionalism the moment you begin doing things on the phone
  • Fingerprint functionality!
  • Long battery life
  • It’s Straight Talk. Let’s face it... Walmart cellphone ‘experts’ can tell you all day long how great the service is because it runs off of AT&T towers but, unfortunately, it doesn’t boast a wide breadth of good cell service. It takes areas where AT&T has fair service and makes it somehow worse
  • Every now and again, the fingerprint function might act a little off, or won’t register your finger
  • Once you lose your high speeds, you definitely aren’t swimming with the fast fish anymore
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Straight Talk Wireless - LG Stylo 3. YBLTV Review by Brian Minton.

Straight Talk Wireless – LG Stylo 3. YBLTV Review by Brian Minton.

YBLTV Review: Straight Talk Wireless – LG Stylo 3

Sophistication at your fingertips. I have had the pleasure of owning Straight Talk’s LG Stylo 3 smartphone for several months now. For a prepaid smartphone that comes from Walmart, it is surprisingly good. A sturdy, sleek object that makes you feel like you should be sitting in a high-profile meeting with executives; that is my first impression of this phone. At first, I was off-put by the idea of its size. I am one of those folks that prefer something that isn’t big consuming my pockets. The fact is, the size isn’t even that bad – not compared to phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The Stylo 3 is simple, and simply put, it’s a nifty, yet powerful phone in its own right. The volume control buttons are located on the left side of the phone. The stylus pen is intricately placed in its own slot on the upper right corner of the phone. The power button is located on the back of the phone; this is also where the fingerprint function comes from.

“Straight Talk Wireless’ LG Stylo 3 is sophistication at your fingertips!” Brian Minton, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

Product Features

The Stylo 3 has some positive features that come with the phone to help make it well worth the money spent:

  • The Android version 7.0 Nougat OS
  • A whopping 5.7″ HD display– a definite plus!
  • An internal memory up to 16 GB, which is pretty standard anymore with phone device storage
  • Supports a staggering 2 TB microSD memory card!
  • Utilizes power with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 MSM8940 1.4GHz octa-core processor
  • Uses the 4G LTE network, with Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11 b/g/n


The specs of this phone are equally impressive, and I have managed to witness it myself through usage:

  • A boastful (and very honest, to a standpoint) talk time of up to 20 hours. This is particularly achievable if you aren’t using bluetooth, Wi-Fi, music, or Data
  • Has a standby time of up to 13 days; a phone that still lasts a while when not in use is a big plus
  • Has a band frequency of CDMA and LTE
  • Has the BEST hearing aid compatibility (HAC) rating of M4/T4. Most of the iPhones can’t even compete with that rating! For the deaf and hard of hearing, HAC rating is everything
Straight Talk Wireless - LG Stylo 3. YBLTV Review by Brian Minton.

Straight Talk Wireless – LG Stylo 3. YBLTV Review by Brian Minton.

Straight Talk Wireless - LG Stylo 3. YBLTV Review by Brian Minton.

Straight Talk Wireless – LG Stylo 3. YBLTV Review by Brian Minton.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I do love this phone. It has its quirks, but what phone doesn’t? There are phones that boast being waterproof and their screens go haywire after a while. Samsung Galaxy phones sometimes lose their keyboard functions, and the iPhones are notorious for being easy to break. But as of yet, I have stumbled upon no glaring issues that make me wish I never got this phone. If you are looking for a fun phone that also breathes an air of professionalism then I highly recommend the Stylo 3. If you want a phone that can take absurdly impossible pictures or what have you, then this is certainly not the phone for you. Either way, LG definitely has made a quality phone for a prepaid cellphone company.

For more information on the LG Stylo 3, be sure to visit the LG Electronics website.