kathy ireland® Worldwide Partners With OXiGEN™ To Drive Global Awareness Through Brand, Marketing And Promotional Support

kathy ireland® Worldwide Partners With OXiGEN™ To Drive Global Awareness Through Brand, Marketing And Promotional Support

kathy ireland® Worldwide Partners With OXiGEN™ To Drive Global Awareness Through Brand, Marketing And Promotional Support

LAS VEGAS, NV (MAY 23, 2017) – Formula Four Beverages Inc., makers of OXiGEN has entered into a strategic relationship with kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), kiWW® announced today from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Ms. Ireland, kiWW’s Chair, CEO and Chief Designer, will serve as OXiGEN’s Chief Branding Advisor, brand ambassador and business consultant, while OXiGEN will work directly with Level Brand’s I’M1 and EE1 brands to enhance its marketing and promotional presence. Ireland serves as Brand Advisor for Level Brands.

“Kathy has established herself as one of the foremost authorities on lifestyle branding and marketing worldwide,” says Blair Bentham, Founder and CEO Formula Four Beverages Inc. “What’s more, she’s also recognized as one of the Top 10 Women’s Health Advocates in America, a designation that is wholly aligned with OXiGEN’s values. We’re incredibly fortunate to form this strategic alignment with Kathy and her team and look forward to learning and growing through her guidance and entrepreneurial expertise.”

The partnership between OXiGEN and kathy ireland® Worldwide establishes Ireland as a public voice for OXiGEN, while also opening up a vast array of resources for Formula Four Beverages Inc. related to marketing, production, and sales and distribution networks.

“OXiGEN products are destined for global success,” says Ireland. “This is a dynamic lifestyle brand that our this innovative product to new and disruptive levels in the beverage category and beyond. The moment you experience OXiGEN products, your feeling about water, energy drinks and many other beverages will change. The difference is obvious. In the beverage space, there’s OXiGEN and everything else. These life enhancing
products are supported by an extraordinary and dedicated team.”

OXiGEN water and shot both contain a proprietary highly stable O4 oxygen molecule rather than the compressed gas form of oxygen, O2. OXiGEN water distinguishes itself from all other bottled waters as it contains 100x more oxygen than regular water, while OXiGEN shot is a highly concentrated, 0.5 fl. oz. oxygenated shot containing 5x the oxygen of OXiGEN water. Both products are all-natural with no sugar, no caffeine, no calories and no unhealthy additives.

A 6-month, double-blind, placebo controlled study completed at Indiana State University shows that OXiGEN reduces the effects of fatigue and improves post-exercise recovery in general. The study passed peer review and is published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

OXiGEN’s two functional products are distributed throughout the U.S. As part of Formula Four Beverages Inc.’s active international distribution program OXiGEN water is also available in Mexico and the Middle East. The company is looking to continue to expand on an international basis.

About OXiGEN

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014, Formula Four Beverages Inc. is the premier supplier of high-quality, science-based oxygenated beverage products that benefit the health, wellness and lifestyle of everyone; our products don’t discriminate. For more information visit us at www.drinkOXiGEN.com or chat with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @F4OXiGEN. ASO® is a registered trademark of Oxigenesis, Inc. Used with permission.

About kathy ireland Worldwide

kiWW® is listed as one of the most powerful brands in the world by License Global Magazine. According to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion. Kathy graces the cover of Forbes Magazine twice (2012, 2016). Kathy and kiWW® support many non-profits including: YWCA Greater Los Angeles for which she is an Ambassador, Dream Foundation, Providence Educational Foundation, 911 for Kids/AEF, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Kathy is named an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.


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