VIDEO & YBLTV Giveaway: NRG Go Pack

YBLTV Giveaway: NRG Go Pack

NRG Go Portable Power Keeps You Powered Up at NCB & DSE 2017

Phone Recharge Battery Rentals in Public Spaces

At DSE and NCB 2017, we spoke with NRG Go Portable Power‘s Marketing Manager, Renee Meaux. She chatted with us about the company’s NRG Go Stations and how easy they are for customers to use when their cell phones are out of power. She told us the rental fee and what happens if the customer decides to keep the battery. Read their FAQs for more info.

Watch our interview above with Renee and don’t forget to enter to win our YBLTV Giveaway! One lucky Winner will win an NRG Go Pack  – Good Luck!

YBLTV Giveaway: NRG Go Pack.

YBLTV Giveaway: NRG Go Pack.

About NRG

NRG Energy, Inc., NRG Portable Power LLC’s parent company, is a Fortune 200 company that creates value through reliable and efficient conventional generation while driving innovation in solar and renewable power, electric vehicle ecosystems, carbon capture technology and customer-centric energy solutions. Our retail electricity providers serve more than 2 million customers in 16 states.

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