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VIDEO: Stop Hangovers Before They Start with Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch

Erika Blackwell from Your Biz LIVE TV interviews Bytox Director of Sales, Alex Schvarts at the Nightclub & Bar Show 2012. The Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch contains 12 organic all-natural ingredients. This powerful blend of vitamins,

VIDEO: Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka

Meet LGS President Michael Vaturi with YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell. Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka made their official US launch at this year's Nightclub & Bar Show. Started just over a year ago, they have done events in

VIDEO: Sexy Costumes Designed by Bridget Marquardt & Roma Costume

Roma Costume announced a new line of costumes developed with Bridget Marquardt of E! Television's The Girl's Next Door. Hey Erika LIVE from Your Biz LIVE TV interviewed Ms. Marquardt

Add Royalty-Free Music to Your Productions with An Easily Licensed Alternative for Scoring Productions and Adding Music to Your Project. Join YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell as she speaks with Brian Nimens, President & CEO of Sound Ideas in

Make Your Own Choices with Clearplay

YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell talks parental control for your media with ClearPlay's Joseph Irvine at the Cable Show 2011 in Chicago, IL. In an age when you can personalize everything from your hamburger to your ringtone it

VIDEO: O’Keeffe’s Company: Relief for Hands & Feet That Crack & Split

Meet O'Keeffe's Company, Marketing Director, Holly Burke at the National Hardware Show with Hey Erika LIVE on YBLTV.COM

Public, Private, Hybrid Clouds with Nirvanix

YBLTV Anchor, Erika Blackwell interviews Nirvanix' VP of Marketing, Steve Zivanic.