Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier Review: One of My Most Prized Items

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YBLTV Review: Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

For my bedroom, Blueair Blue Pure 411 has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life and the level of comfort I can experience. It is now one of my most prized items.

  • Cost-Efficient: $119.99 USD is very good for a purifier on today's market, especially for a purifier that performs at this level.
  • Beautiful Design
  • Considerate Balance of Form and Function (Pre-Filter)
  • Unobtrusive Design
  • Powerful Filter (Carbon Combo)
  • Minimalist (No excess of dials or buttons to confuse, and easy filter change)
  • The purifiers are labeled as HEPASilent purifers, and anyone with asthma or allergies knows that the best purifiers are certified TrueHEPA. I believe that HEPASilent is on the same level as TrueHEPA; however, for those not as familiar, the difference in certification may confuse
  • In an environment new to purifiers, the Pure 411's pre-filter sock will get dirty very quickly. I would recommend buying several socks so that you can wash the pre-filter while still being able to run the purifier
  • May not be noticeable at first if you are just using it to freshen the room (versus for allergy control)
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Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

Now that most of us are making our way out of Winter, many allergy suffers are emerging from their self-induced amnesia regarding their own allergies. They will throw open their windows to welcome the warm spring air into their homes only to be greeted with pollen, dander, and other allergy triggers. Those of us in California have been looking to alleviate the smog and environmental factors produced by the statewide wild fires last year. The first line of defense for many of us is the air purifier, a nifty device that helps you forget you have allergies until you turn it off or forget to change the filter. It is, honestly a device that does its job without much attention.

However, the best purifiers are the ones you CAN forget about. These are the purifiers that are whisper quiet, unobtrusive or aesthetically pleasing should their size be too much to ignore, and offer responsive touch control with gentle lighting to indicate power, air quality, and filter cleaning needed. Definitely no need for loud noises or cumbersome design. From my experience over the last 25 years with asthma and allergies, a True HEPA filter is the absolute minimum to combat allergies and asthma triggers and the idea surrounding their design is much like furniture – it should fit your home and style just as much as functionality. Some may disagree, and that’s fine (personal preference). However, I’ve seen the designs of both general and medical grade purifiers from as near as ten years ago and there’s something to be said for a nice looking purifier that will be a part of your home life. Many of these older models are bulky with sharp corners and ugly wheels to help mobility, which is very depressing when you need it to live.

Companies such as Blueair are addressing the need for form and functionality with their Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier. This purifier will purify the air 5 times in an hour for rooms up to 161 square feet. With a combination filter made of carbon, it will handle the usual allergens in addition to gases, odors, and smoke. According to the company’s website, the Pure 411 utilizes both mechanical and electrostatic filtration and has three different speeds to utilize.

Upon seeing this unit earlier this year, I fell absolutely in love. Although smaller and less intense than what I personally need for my allergies and asthma, I still find it to be a budget-friendly unit that would work in my room until I can save for a medical-grade unit. One of the things you don’t find out until an allergy or asthma diagnosis is that purifiers are seen as luxuries and are not covered by insurance (except for FSA). Try telling that to a single mom whose son has life-threatening mold or plant allergies, or to a young couple living in the apartment next door to a smoker. It’s an unfair system, but the Pure 411 and its carbon filters are amazing at coming in at a more affordable price for those whose lives depend on purifiers.

Back to my initial reactions: The look is absolutely beautiful – stunning design, 360 degree pickup so it works wherever it is placed, and a pre-filter that catches large particles to protect the life of the filter inside while also adding a pop of color to the room. It’s about 17 inches tall, so while it’s not tiny, it’s nowhere near as large as the medical units I’ve seen before. It also incorporates a lovely spiral top that allows air flow up and out and the single control button in the center. The button works on touch, so there’s no need to press a button in and out; each gentle touch cycles the purifier through its three speeds and then off. Additionally, should the plug come out of the wall, the purifier will return to the cycle it was on once plugged back in.

1. Design: The Pure 411 is part of a large marriage between technology and design coming into medical equipment, and I am here for it. I have always appreciated the concept that medical devices should look good in addition to functioning well; many of us depend on these as part of our lives, and although we are more than our devices, we shouldn’t be subjected to a million shades of beige and grey when we may be feeling our worst. Making devices like this fun, contemporary, and easy to use help to create a small bit of happiness when dealing with health. From the gentle light and sleek design to the quiet sound and the pre-filter creating both function and fashion, the Pure 411 is one of the most beautiful designs I have seen.

2. Efficiency: I tested the Pure 411 in my own room for the initial review period, and it was a huge success. It picked up years of dust and cat dander, and even protected me from mold we found during our reno (mold being my worst allergy). Seeing the power of this little beauty, I decided to give it a try in our main living room. While my house is by no means big, the living room does go beyond what the 161 square feet mentioned. However, the living room is home to most of our cats (and their litter boxes) in addition to laundry and our fireplace that has been at work for the cold California nights. It’s possibly the worst area of our home, and with carpet and blinds that dust resolutely stick to, it is a huge challenge to find comfort. I put the Pure 411 into our living room and let it sit over the last few weeks in order to to get the best feel for any improvement, and I’m shocked. Being able to sit in my living room and enjoy television without having an attack or suffering from itchy eyes and a runny nose are things I didn’t think I could do anymore. However, the Pure 411 has done a tremendous job of increasing the comfort level here. Is it perfect? No – I would need a large medical unit for the room to be completely cared for. I will say this: My mother does not have allergies and has long considered me dramatic for my complaints, as she does not experience my symptoms or problems. Since incorporating the purifier, she has had sinus problems and sore throats and other such issues. You might say, “Katie, this isn’t helpful – the purifier is making your mom sick.” I would disagree. It is my opinion that the air has become clean enough for my mom to recognize the condition of the other areas of the house and the residual environment that she once tolerated. It’s almost like a nose-blind effect; when you get use to a state of being, it’s hard to recognize the problem anymore until the state is changed. In this case, it has shown the benefit of introducing a future purifier that is more powerful.

3. Ease: I have had a number of purifiers in the past, and use/care of these devices has never been totally easy. The speeds were never enough, the devices were never strong enough, and changing the filters was expensive and a struggle. With the Pure 411, however, I found that the best thing I could say is that I can turn it on and let it go. All it takes is plugging in the unit, selecting your desired speed, and leaving it to work. The only reason I look at it anymore is because I love the design of it so much and love having it as a part of the house. Changing the filter is incredibly easy as well, and for $21.99 USD, I will gladly pay for all those allergens, odors, and other particles to be sucked up. The fact that the Pure 411 also has a touch panel versus a button is aesthetically pleasing to me as well. I cannot say enough about the perfect balance of beauty and function – I can’t say one works better than the other because it performs at such a high level on each part.

Final Thoughts

The Pure 411 is now one of my most prized items. For my bedroom, it has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life and the level of comfort I can experience. Before the Pure, I had to invest in antihistamines and eyedrops to alleviate the discomfort I experienced from allergens, and I was torn between not being able to open my window because of pollen while needing fresh air to circulate. Now, as long as I continue to wash my sheets in hot water and vacuum religiously, the Pure 411 catches everything I miss. Additionally, the Blueair brand is unlike any other medical device brand I have come across – they are incredibly responsive to their customers and to the public, and they acknowledge the needs of those both within and outside of the asthma and allergy community. I cannot wait to see what Blueair produces next, and I hope this review inspires you to check out their line of purifiers today!


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Katie Hernandez received the Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier from Blueair in consideration for a product review.