VIDEO: Crossbreed Film Review: Not All Extra-Terrestrial Life Is Friendly

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YBLTV Film Review: Crossbreed

Extra-terrestrial life In Crossbreed is no different than today's. It pays to be cautious.

  • Entertaining Story
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  • Story feels stunted
  • No alien backstory
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Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

We’re no stranger to trade agreements, and how fragile they can be. Imagine if your trade agreement was with another planet. How about if that planet was not happy with us? Let’s take a look at Crossbreed.

Intergalactic Relations

It’s 2060 and we trade with several planets. When we learn that one of those planets has gone on and broken peace treaties, the planets’ military bodies become necessary. In a nutshell, this is where we find ourselves at the beginning of Crossbreed.

The Sharak-Ti have created something that does not sit well with the people of Earth. At least, some of those people on Earth would disagree. Even in the future, we see that humanity is unable to stand united. A leading tech company is conducting research that would be highly controversial, if the public became aware of it. Inter-species gene-splicing, but to what end? For who’s benefit? There is more questions than answers when it comes to what the tech company is up to.

As the story begins to unfold, we find ourselves in a bit of a bar brawl, where Adam Ryker (played by Stink Fisher) is restoring order to his bar, located on the moon. An old military buddy who has a lucrative job to offer him, helps him wrap up the fight. This old friend tells Ryker a tale involving millions of credits. A man could get a lot of things done with millions of credits.

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

War Buddies

Secretary of State Weathers (Baldwin) is acting on President Henricksen’s (Fox) orders to seek out a reputable hired gun to take care of a job. Weathers, in turn, hires Ryker to be that hired gun. Ryker is to assemble a team, and return the genetic research to the White House.

Ryker puts together a team of five to perform this repossession mission. With nicknames like Slaughterhouse, Four Eyes, Degenerate, Boss and Noob, what could go wrong? Four of the five have worked together before, so it’s all familiar with them. Noob catches on quickly, and earns his place in the team. This colorful cadre’s interactions make this movie all the better. Ego’s galore to go with their creative call-signs.

“Extra-terrestrial life In Crossbreed is no different than today’s. It pays to be cautious.” Patrick Mackey, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, @mackeyp42

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Band of Misfits

Ryker’s band of misfits get together and go over the specifics. This should be a simple job, no one should be on site to cause them problems. Of course, as cinematic stories go, nothing could be further from the truth. Whoever was on that space station was waiting for someone to show up. The team was met and immediately outnumbered. This begins a firefight to locate the package.

The team splits up and quickly improve their odds of their survival. We learn that someone who is supposed to be “one of the good guys” is behind this genetic research on the alien. The specimen is a unique crossbreed that is being studied for potential human advancement.

Once Ryker’s gang has the opposition addressed, they need to work out what to do with the alien. Extra-terrestrials, if they were like the one here, would not be a welcome addition to my neighborhood: frightening and murderous. Not to mention a substantial language hurdle to overcome.

Our heroes address the enemies as well as the foreign body, though not before it takes its heavy toll. There are less bodies to greet the President when the mission is over. All in a day’s work, I suppose. So the survivors get to live out their dreams, or help to live out the dreams of others.

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Crossbreed. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Final Thoughts

Crossbreed is a good film. The production quality is enjoyable, and the visuals for the alien and space scenes would not be out of place with a big budget blockbuster. Blame it on modern movies, but the story feels like it would have been better if the overall film were a bit longer. Inter-species gene-splicing. The words alone take a moment to wrap your head around. Think about what sort of strange things that could present.

The character development was brief, though that is to be expected with an ensemble cast. Baldwin and Fox have smaller roles here, however I can’t picture requesting any substitutions for their roles. Fisher’s Ryker is a guy you can easily get behind. He’s not chasing some crazy delusions. He’s taking a job to wrap up some loose ends and make life a bit easier. I think we would all do the same, if we were in his shoes.

Crossbreed Info:

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Studio: Uncork’d Entertainment
Starring: Vivica A. Fox, Daniel Baldwin, Stink Fisher
Directed By: Brandon Slagle


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Patrick Mackey received a digital copy of Crossbreed for free from Uncork’d Entertainment in consideration for a Product Review.