VIDEO: Somic G910i Review: Makes Pinpointing an Enemy During Gaming Child’s Play

  • Somic G910i. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
    VIDEO: Somic G910i Review: Makes Pinpointing an Enemy During Gaming Child’s Play
  • Somic G910i. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.
    VIDEO: Somic G910i Review: Makes Pinpointing an Enemy During Gaming Child’s Play
  • VIDEO: Somic G910i Review: Makes Pinpointing an Enemy During Gaming Child’s Play
8.5 Total Score
YBLTV Review: Somic G910i

Somic’s G910i brings immersion to finding the enemies that surround you.

  • 7.1 surround sound that enhances the world around you. Bringing the world to life in a way that is seldom seen when playing games
  • Sensitive foldable microphone that sits conveniently out of the way when not in use
  • Smart vibration technology creates a new form of immersion that allows gamers to enjoy the improved sound quality of the world they inhabit
  • Easy access controls that allow the user to manipulate the smart vibration technology, volume and game mode
  • Soft cushion on the earmuffs and headband for longer gaming or listening sessions
  • Numbered adjustable band for comfortable and precise headset fitting
  • USB port for connection will limit its everyday use
  • Mode feature doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference when used
  • Unable to control or customize the pulsing light on the headset
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Somic G910i. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Somic G910i. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Gaming with Somic G910i

In the world of gaming, sound has become as important as graphics and can be the impacting factor when playing some of the most talked about titles. The sound of gunfire, the footfalls of an adversary. The plink, plink of spent shells hitting the ground. Everything matters when immersions is the ultimate goal and Somic’s G910i is a great choice.

The G910i headset from Somic uses omnidirectional technology that they’ve coined “Virtual 7.1 surround sound” to pinpoint the location of the things that occur during gameplay. It’s a wonderful feature that brings the sounds that need to be heard to the forefront. The directional acuity is remarkable.

Not to be outdone, the smart vibration system enhances the sounds so that the tiniest of changes in the atmosphere are recognized. The 40mm speakers are big; they cover the user’s ear completely, taking the background noise of life out of the picture. The foldable microphone is sensitive, relaying every command to your comrades.

Gaming isn’t the only way that users can enjoy Somic’s G910i headset. The earphones are great for music, but they can only be used with devices that have a USB port. Meaning the G910i can’t be used when traveling or with many mobile phones.

Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

The surround sound of the G910i is pretty good. Then using the vibrational sound enhances the way things resonate. The bass from that song you like is more noticeable. Using the G910i is like having a home theater system on your head. Effects come in loud and clear.

I tried the headset while playing the new Spider-Man and I could hear everything. The sirens from the street below… The whoosh of wind from my swings. The G910i earphones did the job.

Smart Vibration

There’s nothing like hearing your favorite song. When I got the G910i, the first thing I did after recognizing they could only be used through a USB port, was try listening to some music. The G910i didn’t disappoint.

The smart vibration creates an extra thump that makes the earphones bump on time with the beat. It’s a little jarring at first but with some time, the sound becomes better, more enhanced.

Final Thoughts

Somic is known for making headsets that check all the boxes in their field of focus and the G910is are no different. The earphones are great. There is of course the issue of the headphones being only accessible to USB ports, which limits their use to those who own a PlayStation 4 or a PC.

However, that doesn’t detract from the earphones– it’s just better that you all know, now that iPhones and other consoles won’t benefit from them.

Now that I got that out of the way I can go on with the glowing part of the review. The G910is are great earphones. The sound that they produce is fantastic. The smart vibration is an awesome touch and they are irreplaceable when used while listening to a thumping track.

The 7.1 surround sound works perfectly and really help to pinpoint others in shooters. These earphones would be a fantastic purchase for anyone looking to get good sound quality during gaming.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Washington Thompson III, received a pair of Somic G910i from Guangdong Somic Technology Co., Ltd. in consideration for a Product Review.