VIDEO: VUZIX Blade Opens Up a Whole New Augmented Reality You Never Knew You Needed

VUZIX Corp. wins YOUR BIZ LIVE #1 Best Of CES 2019.

VUZIX Corp. wins YOUR BIZ LIVE #1 Best Of CES 2019.

VUZIX CEO, Paul Travers Talks VUZIX Blade Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Enter the world of VUZIXVUZIX Blade. Augmented reality smart glasses. YOUR BIZ LIVE selected VUZIX as our #1 Best Of CES 2019.

VUZIX represents a whole new way of doing things… a whole new way to learn new things… To access information – through your eyes, ears and touch.

Only after you try on a pair will you begin to see the potential of how your life could change. I am so excited about VUZIX. I am ever so fascinated with this lovely, lovely thing… my darling, waveguide. I feel as if VUZIX is bringing us a whole new world– similar to how Alexander Graham Bell brought us the phone or Henry Ford the automobile.

VUZIX Blade.

VUZIX Blade.

It was an absolute joy to meet you, Mr. Travers and hear your passion… your vision… and your immense power. And that it is indeed, VUZIX is power. VUZIX will empower you in ways you never dreamed.

I hope you all enjoy our interview above and kindly look forward to my upcoming review of VUZIX Blade

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Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Publisher, Erika Blackwell received a pair of VUZIX Blade for free from VUZIX Corp. in consideration for a Product Review.