VIDEO: Robomodix Sneak Peek: Alan and Alena

Robomodix. Photo by YBLTV Laura Kirani.

Robomodix. Photo by YBLTV Laura Kirani.

Renaissance Woman.

YBLTV Meets Alan and Alena

Imagine yourself in a world where instead of talking to a screen there is a robot that can hold a conversation, facial features included. A world where robots are integrated into everyday society, everything from museum displays to surveillance, personal assistants to healthcare. Robomodix has made it their mission that this is to be our reality and our future. I introduce to you Alan and Alena, the first of their kind, pioneers to lead the way into adopting AI/robotics into our everyday lives.

Alan and Alena can be connected through Bluetooth or standard audio jack to any smart home assistants; as well as interfacing with AI technologies that allow them to experiment, test and refine emerging technologies such as, data acquisition, reporting, object, and facial recognition and machine surveillance. Robomodix is simply looking to ease the tension we as humans feel about humanoid robots: we have 3 choices, use technology for evil, use it for good, or choose to ignore that our world is changing and we must adapt with it.

The future is now, we cannot run, we cannot hide, Alan and Alena are our future. I stand by and support Robomodix for wanting to give the world hope; if we choose to use this for good and help the world just imagine what we can all accomplish together! The future is now, I welcome Alan and Alena with open arms, I hope you will too.

“Alan and Alena the pioneers of our future”- Laura Kirani, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer / Anchor @Lkirani91