Fighting The Sky Review: You’ll Learn to Question Your Suspicions

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YBLTV Film Review: Fighting The Sky

Sometimes a strange noise is just innocent noise. However, other times, those noises can be far less innocent.

  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Good quality production
  • Enjoyable origin story
  • Villain feels cheesy
  • Story seems familiar
  • Vague finale
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Fighting The Sky. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Fighting The Sky. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

The Great Confusion

The film opens with a scene of a farmer sitting outside with his dog. The scene feels a bit disconnected, but it provides enough information to move the story along. Cut to the suburbs, where we find ourselves in the midst of a high school group and the lives that go with it: Friday night parties, football teams, and the social cliques.

Everyone begins hearing these strange noises coming from the sky. Now, these sky sounds continue over several weeks around the world. News would report about them, people would talk about hearing them, but there is no officially known cause of these noises. Entire communities would come out and witness these noises with no idea of what was going on.

Enter one of our protagonists, Lorraine Gardner (Angela Cole) a high school student who has a knack for Sci-Fi theory and an understanding of technology. Lorraine was a part of a UFO-hunting group at her school. Lorraine had left the group but reunites with her team of investigating minds, and they begin to put the puzzle pieces together.

A Connection To The Past

Fifty years ago a group of people appeared from nowhere, claiming to arrive from the sky. No one would believe them, because most were considered to be crazy by society. Lorraine and her friends track down a survivor from the group, and look for similarities between back then and today. The man claimed to have experienced time travel and to have seen those who are responsible for the noises being heard.

The team tracks down a second survivor after their first interview, and her gift of clairvoyance drives home for the team that there may be something to this story. After witnessing some unexplainable things themselves, they are unable to deny it any longer. Their team’s goal is to discover what is behind the phenomenon.

 “Everyone hears these strange noises coming from the sky. The team’s goal is to discover what is behind this phenomenon in Fighting The Sky.” – Patrick Mackey, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, @mackeyp42

Once the team tracks down a source of the sound, their reality is flipped upside down. One of many floating discs reveals itself, and they have to run for their lives. This plucky gang of high schoolers knows how to summon their inner paranormal investigators and refuse to give in. After regrouping in a hotel room, they’ve checked their equipment and are ready to face their fears. Following the noises to an abandoned building, these pranksters all find a way to scare one another while looking for the elusive ‘little green men’.

Fighting The Sky. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Fighting The Sky. YBLTV Film Review by Patrick Mackey.

Ready To Run

Finding themselves face-to-face with what they sought, the team makes a run for it. There is no way that they are prepared to put up with these invaders. They get away, but not before Lorraine touches one of the creatures. We know that can’t be a good thing.

They find their way to Lorraine’s father’s cabin in the woods. Sadly, that does not stop the invaders from finding them. In the end, the invaders are unable to be stopped, and the team has no choice to give them what they came for.

Final Thoughts

Be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it. This might very well be the advice that Lorraine and her friends would give any up-and-coming UFO hunters. The gang learns that the ones creating that strange noise do not fit the stereotypical description: they are not little. There seem to be many invaders, and they have some purpose in being here and collecting specific things. They aren’t hostile, but they are here on a mission. In the end, we don’t really know what the invaders wanted from humanity, other than to disrupt people’s lives.

 Fighting The Sky Info:

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
Studio: High Octane Pictures
Starring: Angela Cole, Roger Conners, Jinette Faraj
Directed By: Conrad Faraj


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Patrick Mackey received a digital copy of Fighting The Sky for free from High Octane Pictures in consideration for a Product Review.