C&C by Clean and Clear Reviews: Potential For Problematic Pores or Tired Trend Tried Again?

C&C. YBLTV Reviews by Katie Hernandez.

C&C. YBLTV Reviews by Katie Hernandez.

One of life’s many struggles served up for teenage skin has been wild hormones that open the floodgates of cystic acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pain. However, one of the fun things I’ve learned in my life is that this problem CAN continue well into your twenties. In fact, it can haunt you up through your sixties just in time for the wrinkles to create a double-whammy of skin concerns. However, Clean & Clear, a drugstore companion of many a teen over the years, has provided an answer to the youth of today. In October 2018, Clean & Clear introduced their new line of skincare products, C&C. In the spirit of minimalism, C&C is being billed as the answer for Gen Z skincare concerns – namely the concern about fifteen-step skincare routines needed to address both blemish-prone skin and to maintain healthy skin. The packaging is designed to evoke the minimalist style with unified black packaging with no-frills details, and is priced in the $3-$16 USD range.

I was given the opportunity to review some of the more popular member’s of the new C&C line over the last month, and was surprised about the easy integration and the range of included items in my review. As a teen during the mid-to-late 2000s, I was smack-dab in the multi-step skincare introduction (programs such as Proactive). However, this was also the time when most skincare concerns were professionally addressed by copious amounts benzoyl peroxide being smeared on your skin and hoping for the best (oh, and lots of sunscreen in order to protect your peeled-grape flesh from the elements). Nowadays, teenagers and young adults are in the “hydration” phase of modern skincare. Thanks to the boom of Korean skincare taking off in the U.S., many people are finally understanding the basics of healthy skin – hydration/moisture, sunscreen, and gentle cleansing. These were often seen as products to avoid in my younger days, as the last products you wanted to smear all over your oily face were more creams that never absorbed properly and caused more acne OR cleansers that didn’t dry out every depressing pimple possible. However, with the current skincare technology available on the market, we are now able to integrate effective cleansing power and acne treatment with the added skin protecting benefits necessary.

Over the course of the last month, I was able to review the following items:

Parting Thoughts

One of the main points of the C&C line is that it’s designed for the Gen Z suffering from skin problems who are too busy for the multiple-step programs endorsed by millennials. The funny thing is that this was the same pitch used by Proactive for their Proactive X Out cleanser; there is something to be said for this, though. The problem many teenagers have isn’t that they’re too busy for the steps, it’s that they’re overwhelmed by the concept of skincare and don’t know where to start. It gets worse when you realize that the things we got away with in our youth probably won’t fly when we’re dealing with anti-aging and UV protection later on; many teenagers feel like there’s too many steps and the cost is too high, and they end up suffering for it. It’s unfortunate that good skincare can be cost-prohibitive, but I feel that C&C is a great way to introduce teenagers to the importance of good skincare habits while providing a comprehensive system that allows for them to pick and choose what they need instead of selling them unnecessary product. I also really like that C&C made this program unisex, as many young men deal with skin problems without knowing these other options exist. If you have a young adult, or are a young adult yourself dealing with persistent skin problems, I would highly recommend C&C as a cost-effective and accessible means of acne control as it includes the items for intensive treatment in addition to gentle products designed for daily use!


Disclosure of Material Connections: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Katie Hernandez received C&C products in consideration for Product Reviews.