Queen V Feminine Hygiene Products Review: Katie’s Social Media Hit or Miss

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YBLTV Review: Queen V let’s get started bundle.

With a great price point, excellent ingredients, upstanding quality, and a focus on accessibility, Queen V is a standout product in its industry and beyond.

  • Price: Each item listed is around $8 USD (with the exception of the probiotics, which are $19), which makes buying individual items much more cost efficient
  • Gynecologist Recommended: I like that this is emphasized, along with the pH balanced. Now that there is a better understanding of what it means to be pH balanced, it can help in the long run when buying products
  • Ingredients: I have sensitive skin and the ingredients where incredibly gentle yet effective during use
  • Packaging: I know it sounds silly, but I like that these products look so good too. Usually, companies are comfortable cutting either cost, quality, or appearance - none are sacrificed here
  • Accessibility: If you're unable to buy online, Queen V is also available at Walmart in the U.S.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Speaks for itself - customer service is excellent!
  • Marketing: The only con I can seriously consider is that some women may be turned off by the packaging/marketing, or feel that it is only for millennials. While that may be the primary focus of the company, I feel like other age groups could seriously benefit from giving Queen V consideration.
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Overpriced Millennial Commercialism, or Answer to Age-Old Industry Gap?

YBLTV Review: Queen V let’s get started bundle 

It’s both condemnation and self-important back-patting at its finest. I’m sure you’ve come across the headline once or twice before, usually splashed across a clickbait article on Facebook or the topic of an editorial masquerading as fact:

“Millennials Kill The [Blank] Industry.”

Be it wedding rings, chain restaurants, department stores, divorce, cable, or even mayo, millennials have apparently come for the industries that once marked consumerism and comfort found in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. Other generations blame millennials because it makes them feel as though their generation doesn’t have a role to play in economic struggles – as though they succeeded where we have failed. Aside from drastically different social, political, and economic conditions, however, millennials don’t seem to be halting spending in general. In fact, it appears that quality has become a priority over quantity during our purchases. Is this company sourcing ethical products? Are they reducing waste or their carbon footprint? Do they pay their workers fair wages? More so, is the quality of the product GOOD? When many of our generation are struggling to find jobs in an economy that is still recovering from damages inflicted before we could even work, the little money that we do have needs to be spent on quality and brand integrity, not simply brand recognition.

It is here that many smaller companies are now finding their foothold in social media marketing. While large-scale companies make use of this tool, many smaller companies or startups seem to cultivate a more personal relationship with consumers than larger companies could ever dream of. From Instagram stories highlighting production and product samples, to Twitter allowing more direct responses and contest entries – the paradox of the intimacy of social media seems to trump the history of the brick and mortar store in many cases, creating a legion of followers that anxiously wait for new products to be released and candy-colored Instagram posts to go live.

Because in today’s age, following has a new sense of active support associated with beyond the brand loyalty our parents knew. We don’t support because it’s the only brand available; we support because our support says something about who we are and what we value as consumers.

Queen V let’s get started bundle. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

Queen V let’s get started bundle. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

One such case I have come across is Queen V. Founded by Lauren Steinberg, Queen V is a feminine wellness brand that focuses primarily on millennial consumers and their interests. In recent years, the discussion of womens’ health has become much more public. More than ever, women have become more empowered to know what’s in their products and what you should and should not use on your body, and the options we have nowadays. With this increase in dialogue, women are having open, honest conversations about vaginal health, menstruation, conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis, and the products we use to treat these conditions. Queen V creates a very beautiful wrapper for often difficult conversations, marketing its products in exciting, colorful packaging while still focusing on the quality of the ingredients used in each product and providing these products at a cost that is reasonable for millennials.

Queen V markets products such as body washes, wipes, probiotics, bubble bath and intimacy items. Their “#HealYourV” line has received a significant amount of publicity as of late with focus on The Eraser (boric acid suppositories for yeast infections), utmi (antioxidant and uniary tract support) and Bombshell (bathbombs designed for menstrual discomfort relief). To not only have a good looking product, but a product that also focuses on overall wellness and treatment is next level stuff! It still wasn’t too long ago when the only options available were standard pads and tampons, and instead of discussing why your cramps were so bad, you were given a Midol and told to go back to class. Forget even discussing yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis! Some people still thought it was ok to say that regular old soap could be used instead of pH balanced washes – goes to show you what a long way we’ve come!

Not knowing where to start, I was advised by the Queen V team to try the Let’s Get Started Bundle ($35 USD). This is Queen V’s introductory kit for those new to the brand and includes the following products:

  • V Bar (Rosewater and Aloe-Infused pH Balanced Cleansing Bar in Wild Berry)
  • Make It Reign Body Wash (Green Tea, Manga, and Chamomile Extract Foaming Cleanser)
  • dd Probiotic (Daily Probiotic with Tumeric and Grapefruit Seed)
  • The Spritzer (Deoderizing Rosewater Spritzer)

My Experience

While initially excited to try these products, I became a bit worried when I saw the products in person. I’m not sure why, but I felt that these products wouldn’t give me results I was looking for in an intro bundle. However, I’m glad to say that I was proven wrong after my first use; I do yoga three to four days a week, and I live in a humid climate. Sweat is a serious problem, and a lot of womens’ clothing (especially athlesiure) is not friendly to this problem. When you’re in a yoga study with eight other people and it starts getting a little sweaty, you’re now totally anxious about how you smell and – the worst – if others can smell you too. This is especially bad during your period, and while women have had the fact that you do not put soap anywhere near your vagina drilled into our heads, sometimes it feels like water just doesn’t really achieve that “clean and refreshed” feeling. Prior to one yoga class, I used the V Bar in the shower and The Spritzer right before class – no problems whatsoever. It was a really satisfying feeling to not be distracted by my own personal smells and focus on my poses. While the body wash was a little weak as a foam, it was really help during my period and kept my skin from feeling stripped and overly perfumed. Additionally, I liked the fact that the probiotic is available in this bundle, since it seems to help encourage forming a positive healthy habit!

Queen V let's get started bundle. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

Queen V let’s get started bundle. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

Final Thoughts

In a world where sex education is at our fingertips and so many websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels are entirely focused on the topic of women’s wellness and health, it can be easy to forget that many of the leaders in these movements were part of previous generations where feminine health was seen as a gross or shameful talk separate from the boys – or even non-existent. Many speak because they want the next generation to be more empowered in making decisions regarding their own bodies, and to feel more comfortable questioning what has just always been. While Queen V is marketed towards millennial women, I feel that it has the greatest potential to reach Gen Z consumers as well and introduce them to high-quality feminine wellness products created with integrity and consideration towards self-care. With a great price point, excellent ingredients, upstanding quality, and a focus on accessibility, Queen V is a standout product in its industry and beyond.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Katie Hernandez, received Queen V let’s get started bundle from Queen V in consideration for a Product Review.