Vain Glory Review: Bringing Real Depth to Mobile MOBA Gaming

8.5 Total Score
YBLTV Review: Super Evil Megacorp. - Vain Glory

Vain Glory brings next gen MOBA gaming to devices in an E.V.I.L. way.

  • Immersive gameplay with a game time that can span from five minutes to half an hour
  • High quality graphics that shine on tablets and smartphones using the new E.V.I.L. game engine
  • Excellently drawn characters with a deep skill base and character specific strategies
  • Precision controlling that allows for fun and entertaining Bot and PVP matches
  • Play with friends by creating guilds and parties
  • Low starting number of players
  • Expensive price for higher tiered character skins
  • The random selection process in Battle Royale mode. (30 diamonds for character change? Come on)
  • High threshold for ranked matches. (Currently, the user must reach player level 10 to unlock ranked matches)
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Vain Glory Brings Real Depth to Mobile MOBA Gaming. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Vain Glory Brings Real Depth to Mobile MOBA Gaming. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Super Evil Megacorp.

One of the new crazies in gaming besides battle royal gaming is MOBA gaming on mobile devices. Playing video games on mobile devices is getting better as developers put more into the games they give to anywhere gamers. One company that has created a game that sparked my interest with its iPhone X commercial is Super Evil Megacorp’s Vain Glory.

Founded in 2012, Super Evil Megacorp claims that their mission is: “To build the best core gaming experience for touch screens.” Anyone who has taken a few hours to play their popular game Vain Glory, knows that they have achieved what seems to be a difficult feat.

Vain Glory

There’s nothing like entering the forest of Vain Glory for the first time. The graphics are incredible. The leaves in the forest of the map almost appear real as players use them to hide from their enemy. Character models look remarkable, each showing the work and attention to detail put in by Super Evil’s art department.

Similar to other games in the genre, Vain Glory task groups of players with fighting their way to their enemy’s crystal, while collecting gold for every creature killed. Vain Glory makes completing this task an exciting and enjoyable experience on a mobile device. The controls are responsive and the pace of the game is entertaining.

Moving through the map is easy. Vain Glory has has two controls schemes that work best on a gamer’s respective device. Touch for tablets and virtual game pad for smartphones. Playing on both, I can honestly say that these control schemes are intuitive and responsive. The characters don’t lag behind player input, they move to the desired locations without a need for several commands and perform in ways that is often seen in console and PC gaming.


You can’t do a game review without discussing the graphics of the game and Vain Glory looks beautiful. Super Evil Megacorp has created a game that looks glorious on a console, which makes it a unique mobile game. Every aspect of this game from the playable characters to the ads that appear on the maps — the team at Super Evil knew what they were doing when they created this game.

Green drops of oil drip off the blades of Anka, a recent character that was added to the large stable of characters a user has to pick through. These drops indicate that her blades are dangerous for anyone she attacks. Small things like this are only noticeable because of the love the team at Super Evil put into creating this jewel of a game.


There are several ways to play Vain Glory; Battle Royale, Blitz, 3v3 and 5v5 matches. Each mode comes with bots and practice modes. These modes give players a chance to learn the ins and outs of Vain Glory’s engrossing strategy mechanics and selected player skills.

Strategy is an important part of Vain Glory and Super Evil has taken great steps to emphasize this with video bios that not only explain the characters skills but offer some helpful strategies for each. If that wasn’t enough each character has a handy player skill guide that the user can view by pressing the question mark buttons during battles.

The quality of Vain Glory has to be tested to be believed. Intrinsic is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the strategy and depth present. It’s something that you won’t notice until you’re deep into the game and begin to choose your main character to battle against others using.

Cooperative Play and PVP

The bread and butter of Vain Glory is its PVP gameplay. Matchmaking is pretty good, it takes less than a minute to get into a match and the players are great. The matches are hectic, with ads and enemy players attacking seconds after they begin. Strategies are implemented immediately, with players choosing to attack their foes’ assets while others may choose other modes of attack that are available on the map.

These choices and many others give Vain Glory more depth than just character strategies and brute force. Depending on the mode, the user can choose to attack the opponent’s Vain crystal head on or in the case of 5v5 unleash the kraken, a large creature that charges toward the opposing teams crystal. Experience in the modes will assist a player in achieving success but learning the player that best fits your style makes it easier.


There are 43 heroes in the game, each having their own skill sets and move differently down the lane. The game offers a few “free to play” that allow the user to test out the gameplay, but it won’t be long before you’ve gained enough coins to purchase a new one. There are several hero types to choose. Larger tank monsters lope while assassins, mages and other small creatures move lightly toward their targets. Each hero has three talents that can be unlocked by using in game currency. These talents change the attack style of the characters, allowing new and different ways to defeat enemies and assist teammates. This also changes the upgrades that become available in the in-game store, offering a different group of recommended traits that the gamer should purchase.

This system causes the player to think about their decision even before the match has begun. Another part of hero selection is the role system which are carry, jungler and captain. The carry is charged with collecting coins and making big plays. The Junglers are the fighters, getting into the thick of things to come out victorious, while captains are the team supporters, calling out plays and pointing out needed information. There is so much to this game that I feel like I can’t do the game enough justice with words. It’s that good!

Final Thoughts

Vain Glory is a testament to what can be done on a mobile device. The gameplay is fast paced, precise, detailed and fun. Matches are great, allowing a player to play in short or long spurts. The heroes have amazing skills and learning how to play with each is pure enjoyment. The maps are beautiful, the graphics are crisp. Foliage, creatures and heroes all shine thanks to Super Evil Megacorp’s new E.V.I.L. Engine.

Playing through PvP matches inspires further exploration, strategy creation and discovery, while the skills and traits of each hero encourages further gameplay. Lowering the rank cap and removing the random hero selection of Battle Royale may be cons but they’re so small that many won’t recognize them. All in all the game is a fantastic way to experience MOBA gaming on mobile devices, waste a work break or just play a game that will leave you begging for another round.

Vain Glory brings next gen MOBA gaming to devices in an E.V.I.L. way.

Check out Apple’s “Unleash” commercial that is making the rounds on the internet from the link. It shows off some of Vain Glory’s gameplay.