Follow Up Review: SleepPhones Effortless Induction Charging Wireless Headphones

SleepPhones Wireless Headphones by AcousticSheep, LLC. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.
SleepPhones Wireless Headphones by AcousticSheep, LLC. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

If you’re like me, your relationship with sleep is a love-hate affair and daily internet searches for sleep aids have become all too common. I live in a suburban area, but have sleep problems no matter where I go; either the symphony of midnight sounds fills your ears, or the silence is deafening in its intense madness. In my experience, sleep aids and sleeping pills leave me worried about dependency and long-term use, while other natural remedies don’t address the tossing and turning that are my nightly bedfellows.

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to review the SleepPhones Wireless Headphones by AcousticSheep, LLC. Housed in a fleece headband, these flat speakers were much more comfortable than than most other wireless headphones and made falling asleep much easier at night. Falling asleep to podcasts and audiobooks really helped to make my nights much more relaxing, and the ease of which I actually fell asleep was much more pleasant. I also liked the fact that the speakers inside were adjustable for comfortable positioning, and that they stayed (for the most part) in position most of the night.

However, my biggest issue with the SleepPhones Wireless was the fact that, in order to charge the headphones, you would have to disconnect the control panel from the inside of the headband and plug it into a micro-USB charger during the day. It may have seemed silly, but sometimes you’re in a rush and the panel doesn’t have time to charge all day. You come home and then you’re stuck with a dead battery and the nighttime restlessness comes creeping around the corner. It may be an easy thing for some, but in the age of wireless charging, wires are seeming more and more like an inconvenience nowadays.

In my May article, I discussed how wireless/induction charging could, in my opinion, greatly increase the marketability of the SleepPhones Headphones and would help make them even more convenient versus the disconnect-and-charge setup of the wireless editions. I was recently given the opportunity to conduct a followup review with the SleepPhones Effortless and was surprised by both the positives of the Effortless and the areas I would look to improve in future editions.

To begin with, I was correct in thinking that the induction charging would make the process of using the SleepPhones more efficient. I would wake up, connect them to the induction charger, and go about my day. The included induction charger feels like a magnetic pull to connect firmly, so the headband won’t just flop off during the day. However, I did notice that there were a few times where the panel got a little warm during charging (most likely from the material sitting on top of the panel charging). Additionally, the panel is quite difficult to get accurately placed on the charging based the first couple of times you use it because it seems as though the magnet connects; however, the full panel needs to be connected so that the indicator light at the base continuously blinks green in order to charge. It’s not a huge deal, but I felt it pertinent to add in the event you were confused during the first couple days of ownership.

Aside from the wireless charger, the Effortless unit seems identical to the Wireless unit; I say this to emphasize that the sound quality and fit of the band is identical between the two units. In my opinon, if you’re the type of person to remember to plug in your charger every single day before you start your day or the type where another wire wouldn’t bother you, spending the extra $50 dollars for a wireless charger may not be worth it. However, if you’re like me and often forget to charge devices, this could be a big help. I would also like to note that if you’re trying to eliminate extra wires, the Effortless does come with its own induction charger, which means making more room for another spot on your bedside table.

SleepPhones Wireless Headphones by AcousticSheep, LLC. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.
SleepPhones Wireless Headphones by AcousticSheep, LLC. YBLTV Review by Katie Hernandez.

SleepPhones Essential Pro/Cons:


  • Induction Charging: Makes daily charging much more convenient than previous models
  • No need to constantly take charging panel in and out, or to disconnect from headphones
  • Charging seems a little more reliable, ensures fully charged headphones at bedtime


  • Price: $149.95USD is a bit steep for most, considering that the sound quality is very average for the industry
  • Sound: The sound doesn’t get quite as high as I would like, but will leak out the band for others to hear
  • Band may take some time to get accurately adjusted as you introduce it into your sleep routine

Final Thoughts

In my experience with the SleepPhones Effortless Induction Charging, I found that this unit was the most helpful for consistent, every day use. Some people can get away with not using some type of media to fall asleep; I am not one of these people. I rely on these to get to sleep nearly every night, and nights where I don’t have access to them are very difficult. If you’re at end of your rope sleep-wise and you depend on having these every night, or if you’re just forgetful, I would invest in the induction charging and continue my good night’s sleep. They’re solid quality and very dependable headphones for casual/household use, and I would definitely recommend this version. However, if you can remember to plug in a unit every day or if you only use them occasionally, I would save the money and get the Wireless version. In fact, if you’re one of the few with an audio jack still on your phone, I would go so far as to recommend the SleepPhones Classics (corded) and save around $110 USD. Be sure to check out all of the company’s SleepPhones.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Katie Hernandez, received SleepPhones Effortless Induction Charging Wireless Headphones from AcousticSheep, LLC. in consideration for a Product Review.

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