Purpose Jewelry Spotlight: To Hana, With Love

PURPOSE Jewelry. YBLTV Spotlight Company by Laura Kirani.

PURPOSE Jewelry. YBLTV Spotlight Company by Laura Kirani.

Renaissance Woman.YBLTV Spotlight: PURPOSE Jewelry

Make the World a Better Place One Handmade Piece of Jewelry at a Time

Purpose Jewelry/ International Sanctuary has changed my life in so many ways. International Sanctuary provides survivors of human trafficking a safe haven, a place where they can find peace, and hope of a new life. Purpose Jewelry are the ways these women/ girls are able to provide for themselves; they make custom jewelry from the resources around the sanctuary to create an income for their future. I felt something inside me awaken and I needed desperately to write about it.

International Sanctuaries is a new hope, a way of life for women across the globe that have suffered more than we can imagine. They provide safety, help, no one is turned away, most importantly, they are given a reason to live. It hurts me to my very soul, that women to this day have to endure the horrors of sex/human trafficking, a filthy and disgusting thing that we need to be rid of. I am so passionate for this very cause, it struck a nerve deep within me, and I want to do my part to help this incredible, breath-taking, beyond words foundation that deserves more support and attention. Researching this cause has made me realize how blessed I am and how grateful I need to be, that I need to give back to those who need it more than I.

“Become a part of something bigger than yourself, help make the world a better place one handmade piece of jewelry at a time. For Purpose Jewelry, for Hana, ” –Laura Kirani YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, @Lkirani91

PURPOSE Jewelry. YBLTV Spotlight Company by Laura Kirani.

PURPOSE Jewelry. YBLTV Spotlight Company by Laura Kirani.

Let me start by saying that when I attended the 2018 IECSC Show in Las Vegas, I was given a Jasmine sea foam green bead necklace. Hand-crafted by a beautiful girl, whom I have never met, Hana in Uganda. It was made from recycled bottles and goods that she found around the sanctuary. Though I have never met Hana, I feel as though I am now connected with her on a spiritual level, a bond that can never be broken. From the minute I was given the necklace, I wanted so badly to go to Uganda and meet this amazing human being, that made this precious gift I hold dearer to me than silver and gold. I feel the urge to want to do something, to help in any way I can, I started by writing this Spotlight on the Foundation. Although I may never meet her, I may never get to hug her, I hope maybe one day she can read this. This is for you Hana and all the incredible survivors to know, ” You are important, your scars make you beautiful, you are strong, your life matters, YOU MATTER, and above all YOU. ARE. LOVED. Never, ever forget that.”

I believe very strongly in this cause and I hope you can believe in it too, help donate time, donate money, this is a cause that deserves it and will expand and grow with our help.

To donate to International Sanctuary: click here

To volunteer or intern with International Sanctuary: click here

To purchase a piece and connect with a survivor Purpose Jewelry: click here

PURPOSE Jewelry. YBLTV Spotlight Company by Laura Kirani.

PURPOSE Jewelry. YBLTV Spotlight Company by Laura Kirani.

Be sure to read my interview with Purpose Jewelry below:

YBLTV: What sparked the fuse that ignited International Sanctuaries/ Purpose Jewelry?

PURPOSE Jewelry: It was 2007 when Stephanie Pollaro moved to Mumbai, India to work with girls escaping human trafficking. She found that economic empowerment was a gap in the ecosystem of anti-trafficking efforts. Survivors were not able to rebuild their lives. They were physically free and provided emergency needs, shelter, clothing, and some support-but THEN WHAT?

YBLTV: What is the ultimate goal for the Sanctuaries?

PURPOSE Jewelry: The ultimate goal of the Sanctuaries is to provide girls and women escaping human trafficking a safe loving workplace community where they can become economically independent while healing in a safe environment. The jewelry is a conduit that provides healing, empowerment, and support to girls and women rebuilding their lives. They are able to create safe trusted relationships, earn an income, and learn to live again.

YBLTV: What can someone like myself that may lack certain resources, do better to help such a noble cause?

PURPOSE Jewelry:
1. Call in any suspicious activity to the hotline: 1-888-3737-888 The Human Trafficking Hotline
2. Purchase with PURPOSE www.purposejewelry.org Give gifts to girlfriends to share the story.
3. Create awareness. Share on social media: https://www.instagram.com/purposejewelry/

YBLTV: How many sanctuaries are there total currently, and what are their locations in the world?

PURPOSE Jewelry: Four currently.
1. Mumbai, India
2. Tijuana, Mexico
3. Kampala, Uganda,
4. Orange County, California

Through collaborative efforts with other anti-trafficking partners, our vision to open 10 Sanctuaries globally will be accomplished. We have invitations with partners waiting in Cambodia and the Philippines. We will open another Sanctuary in India and have an initiative opening in Southern California to address the needs of American girls and women escaping human trafficking.

YBLTV: What is your moment that made you realize it was all worth the hard work, determination, blood, sweat and tears?

PURPOSE Jewelry: Everyday when we work with the girls and women we empower. Everyday, watching them learn something new. Everyday when we hear about horrifying stories about how a girl or woman was victimized by the trauma of trafficking. We know we’re making a difference to each and every woman who walks through our door.

Thank you for standing with us.


Purpose Jewelry / International Sanctuary was an Exhibitor at the 2018 IECSC Show in Las Vegas, NV.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Laura Kirani, received a Jasmine Sea Foam Green Bead Necklace from PURPOSE Jewelery in consideration for a Product Review.