VIDEO: GreenTech Environmental Quick Peek: Breathe Some Fresh Air During the Summer

GreenTech Environmental. YBTLV Quick Peek by Chetana Tiwary.

GreenTech Environmental. YBTLV Quick Peek by Chetana Tiwary.

YBLTV Quick Peek: GreenTech Environmental

If you are struggling with the polluted air and looking for a quick solution then must check the products by GreenTech Environmental. This company has several high quality electronic products that are specially made to make our daily life more pure &natural.

I had a great opportunity to chat with the GreenTech Environmental’s Jamy Crème at this year’s National Hardware Show 2018 at Las Vegas Convention center. She introduced me to some of the pure Air products which are very useful and their features are mind-blowing. The products are based on the latest technology after a long research by their expert team. The most efficient pure Air products are:

  • pureAir 3000
  • pureAir 1500
  • pureAir 500
  • pureAir 250
  • pureAir 50

GreenTech Environmental has some other attractive products with very extraordinary features. They are:

  • pureAir FRIDGE
  • pureAir Personal
  • pureAir Motion
  • pureAir CLASSIC
  • PortOzone 2
  • GT3000
  • GT50

These products are equally important for home & office. They reduce pathogens, allergens and odors where you live your life. Apart from these products they have other environmental friendly products like pureWash, pureHeat, pureHeat, purePower & pureFlow.

Anyone would love the product pureFlow because it is uniquely designed to cycle air more quickly and efficiently than traditional fans. It is a cute compact fan, easy to move and keep. Most importantly it is very safe for kids.

GreenTech Environment stands for newest technologies created, distributed, and supported by an extraordinary group of people committed to provide customers and consumers, lifelong service that amazes.


GreenTech Environmental was an Exhibitor at the 2018 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV