Digital Innovations’ The Nest Review: Travel Tangle Free!

9.8 Total Score
Digital Innovations: The Nest

Easy to use, travel Tangle Free with the Nest from Digital Innovations!

  • Silicon-based, The Nest is soft and squishy, so it won’t break or damage your earbuds
  • At $9.99, The Nest is cheap and affordable
  • Easy to use with just five simple steps
  • Portable and compact, it easily fits in pockets or pouches
  • Comes in a larger size for bigger cords
  • Although it is not too noticeable, there is a slight chemical odor
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YBLTV Review: The Nest – Perfect for Anyone Who Travels

I love to travel and visit new destinations. My favorite on the go activity for occupying my time on long car or bus rides is listening to music. While I have found the perfect travel case for my phone, I have been unsuccessful in finding the perfect earbud travel case, until now. I received The Nest travel earbud case from Digital Innovations and have been loving it!

The Nest is perfect for anyone who frequently travels and is tired of constantly having to untangle their earbuds every time they want to listen to their iPod or phone. Small and lightweight, The Nest easily fits in your jeans pocket, the front flap of your backpack, or the side pouch of your purse. Made from silicone, The Nest is durable and protective, so you know your earbuds won’t take any damage if they get jostled around in your pocket.


  • $9.99 for one case
  • Weights 0.80 oz
  • 100% Silicone
  • Comes in four different colors: blue, green, pink and gray
  • Made in the U.S.A.

My favorite thing about The Nest is how easy it is to use. Simply open the case by flipping the outer lip, pop the earpieces into the protective center, wrap the cord around the outer spool, tuck the plug in the center, and flip the outer lip back up locking the earbuds and cord into place.

After securing your earbuds, you can store the case in any space knowing that your earbuds will be perfectly safe while resting in The Nest. So, whether you’re embarking on a day-long trip, or traveling ten minutes to the local gym, your earbuds will be safe and secure for any amount of time in The Nest. And the best part? The Nest comes in a larger size (Nest XL) for USB cables, phone chargers, and other bigger cords so you can safely store any cord tangle free.

Final Thoughts

I love The Nest! It’s small and sleek yet keeps my earbuds in perfect condition. The Nest is also super easy to use, and you can quickly store or remove your earbuds in a matter of seconds.


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, Sarah Kepins, received the The Nest from Digital Innovations in consideration for a Product Review.