Madfinger Games - Shadowgun Legends. YBLTV Review by Washington Thompson III.

Shadowgun: Legends Makes Becoming a Legend Fun

YBLTV Review: Madfinger Games – Shadowgun: Legends

One of the greatest issues I have with FPS games on mobile is the control. Often they scroll too fast or the sensitivity is off. Let’s not even get on aiming first person shooters on a mobile device. Knowing that these issues were a concern I downloaded Madfinger’s Shadowgun: Legends. It’s an FPS that takes into consideration the issues inherent in with games in the genre and strives to alleviate them.

Control in this game is spot on. Turning a character is fluid. Your player will turn at the degree of a user’s pressure, not on an 90 degree auto turn feature. This makes movement easier in the game and it’s needed to deal with the constant onslaught of enemies that come from all angles.

The aim is another thing that has been considered in the game. Weapons fire when the gun reticle lands on an enemy and with a simple double tap on the screen a user can aim down the sights. Controlling a soldier with this scheme allows the user to aim at an enemy without the worry of moving your hand to shoot.

The user is able to switch the auto-shoot feature from the options of the game but the setup Madfinger has employed works best with this game. Shooting down an enemy is fun. Getting around the maps are intuitive. The missions are short but interesting. The audio is immersive, with great sound effects and funny comments from the player, reminiscent of duke nukem.

The Home Base

The home base for Shadowgun: Legends is where everything takes place. As a user grows, the base grows allowing the user to meet new people. These NPC characters open new features in the base like having drinks with friends at Sarah’s. Talking to Slade for mission and task. Meeting up with friends or combatants with Nitro to conduct Wargames, which is Legend’s PVP area. Going to willow the gunsmith to buy and sell guns. You can chop it up with Big red for armor and customizations or go to Pedro to decode the items you find in battles.

The home base is a great hub and is will continue to grow as the developers add more areas. Already there are “coming soon” signs at the home base and on your “road to fame” bar that elude to areas being added in the future.

The Road to Fame

Leading you along on your journey to become a legend in Shadowgun is the “Road to Fame” bar. The RTF bar is a experience driven roadmap that leads the user down the path to becoming a legend in Shadowgun. Each rung of the Road to fame ladder unlocks a special feature, new area, epic gear and player levels. The latter being the main focus for any legend because of the unlocks that accompany each.

Progress on the road to fame do more than rewards the character with the above awards. They also include subtle indicators throughout the game that show how good your doing. A user is introduced when they return to the home base. Cameras fly around snapping the user’s picture, while confetti falls from the screen. The user’s picture appears a large screens around the home base while their place on their server is listed. It all comes together to give a user a feeling of accomplishment.

The AI Enemies

Not to be outdone in the game is the AI enemies, though they cannot stand up to par with the AI of some triple A games, they stand up to a lot of the artificial intelligence available on mobile games. Which says a lot. The enemies hide when fired upon but there are also some that will run haphazardly toward you, only to attempt a tardy retreat.

The enemies are fun to encounter and make the game fun to play for a while, even though they get a little stale after a while.

Weapons and Upgrades

Each level gives a character a skill point to use on three character traits, survival, agility and combat. Placing a point in each opens up new moves and abilities the user can use in the game. For example, a few points in combat unlocks a turret that the user can deploy to fight at their side. The skills are bought with game currency after being unlocked and there are enough skills to keep gamers going for a while.


  • Good controls that make maneuvering through the maps fun
  • Large arsenal of weapons and armor that range from common to legendary
  • Large skill tree that will keep the player interested
  • Console style graphics, that allow the user to record and stream gameplay
  • Fun multiplayer that works just fine on mobile


  • Ok enemy AI. Better than most but still needs work
  • Intermittent signal drops during matchmaking
  • Random game hitches during player loads and in certain areas

Final Thoughts

Though Shadowgun: Legends is not exceptional, it is still a great game to play on a mobile device. The missions are great for a few minutes of quick distraction without having to cut a mission short or having to save one for another time. The multiplayer is fun, but I get my competitive fix from consoles when it comes to FPS style pvp— so I’m more than a little biased. Exploring the home base and the three planets given is engrossing and a user will find something to do when they spend a few hours playing Shadowgun: Legends.

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