A Rite From The Stars Review: Lose Yourself in the Adventure with Kirm

9.5 Total Score
YBLTV Review: A Rite From The Stars

Lose yourself in the Adventure with Kirm, A Rite From The Stars.

  • Beautiful story line
  • Unique point and click character controls
  • Puzzle based plot to achieve ultimate game goal
  • Likable/ grow attached to characters
  • Nostalgic yet very new game play style
  • Easy access play back (if you want to go back and replay levels)
  • Even though has want to punch something bits, still completely engrossed in game
  • Lots of trial and error when playing
  • Though point and click controls, works very well with the story, quite enjoyable feel
  • Would have liked to see a little more direction in certain parts of the game
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Renaissance Woman.YBLTV Review: A Rite From The Stars

I sat down for an entire day and played A Rite from the Stars from start to finish. I wanted to make sure I gave a thorough review, but this game just blew me away.  It has an invigorating story and it keeps you enticed from start to finish. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself, let me begin with the story. You the player play as Kirm, a mute boy from the Makoa tribe. A coming of age story of Kirm with his guardian star, must face his greatest fears, trials of wit, and making his way to the final destination of manhood. This game was just so well done, it had just about everything I love from my most favorite video games. From Zelda-Ocarina of time to Banjo Tooie, the story was beautiful and it connected very well with the game play. The game has depth, puzzle solving, the unique simplistic click and point character control, (right down to the occasional unforgiving and wanting to punch your computer parts.) You can see when playing the game, so much effort was put into making it what it is, is it perfect? Not at all, but for the time, patience, care taken to make this game, it is incredible feat to me.

“Lose yourself in the Adventure with Kirm, A Rite From The Stars,” – Laura Kirani YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, @lkirani91

Final Thoughts

A Rite From The Stars is a game I would definitely recommend to others. I said it before and I will say it again, it was very very well done. I want to give a congratulations to everyone that worked on this project and a very great job to all of you. An amazing game, you should all be very proud of your accomplishment! 10/10 Makoa mask rating, if you guys would like to check out the game for yourselves you can find it coming soon on Steam here, and coming soon to Wii U eShop here. Lose yourself in the adventure!


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Laura Kirani, received a digital key code of A Rite from the Stars from Phoenix Online Studios in consideration for a Product Review.