Experience a Refreshing Mist with Flairosol from AFA Dispensing

AFA Dispensing - Flairosol. YBLTV Review by Sarah Kepins.
AFA Dispensing – Flairosol. YBLTV Review by Sarah Kepins.

YBLTV Review: Flairosol From AFA Dispensing

The thing I hate most about spray bottles is that they spray out large amounts of liquid unevenly. You put your finger on the trigger and press down only to have one large amount of liquid dumped out. This creates a wet and messy application. Most spray bottles work in this fashion and it was not until now that I found one that mists, not sprays.

I was super excited to try Flairosol from AFA Dispensing. Advertised as a bottle that is eco-friendly, easy to use and sprayable at any angle, I was first skeptical. However, after trying Flairosol, I was greatly impressed as the product delivers on its promises.


  • Available in a variety of colors both opaque and transparent
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • The bag-in-bottle permits the bottle to be sprayed from any angle
  • Sprayer dispenses liquid in even misty squirts

Flairosol is the bottle that mists, not sprays. With just one push of the button, you get a spray of fine mist that evenly dispenses liquid to your desired area. Unlike other spray bottles, Flairosol has a built-in-bag which allows the bottle to spray from literally any angle including upside down and sideways. This makes it easy to spray those hard to reach areas like under a table or cabinet if you are using Flairosol to clean.

While Flairosol is marketed towards other companies selling liquid products, buyers could also find many uses to have a Flairosol spray bottle. They are perfect for hair and self-tanning products, spraying chemicals onto plants, house care, car care and even pet care products. If you are a fan of using spray bottles to get the job done, then you need to get yourself a Flairosol bottle.

AFA Dispensing - Flairosol. YBLTV Review by Sarah Kepins.
AFA Dispensing – Flairosol. YBLTV Review by Sarah Kepins.


  • Elegant design
  • Easy to hold and operate; product really does spray from any angle
  • The bottle sprays down to the final drops, so it wastes very little liquid
  • Easy to use and operable by children


  • I can’t think of any; the product works and looks great!

Final Thoughts

I love the fine mist that Flairosol provides. In addition to function, the bottle is smooth, sleek and comes in many different colors. Also, it is super easy to fill and spray, making it ideal for children to use. If you’re looking for the perfect liquid dispenser, you need to try Flairosol. It won me over from the start; I am never going back to regular spray bottles again!


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Sarah Kepins, received an assortment of Flairosols from AFA Dispensing in consideration for a Product Review.

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