Xbox Adaptive Controller

Opening the World of Gaming to Gamers with Disabilities

Xbox Adaptive Controller.
Xbox Adaptive Controller.

A Gaming Trend

Recently, an image leaked for a new controller being released by Microsoft. The information regarding a new controller for Microsoft’s Xbox one console wasn’t the big news. No, it was the controller itself that garners such trending media attention. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is important because of its ability to give gaming access to those often forgotten; would be gamers with disabilities.

The Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller comes with buttons that can be custom mapped to a user’s liking. It connects to both the Xbox one and Windows 10 computers. It offers Bluetooth connectivity and uses plug and play features, programs often used to install drives on personal computers.

Partnering with several organizations that work to provide accessibility to those with disabilities. Microsoft has created a flat controller that rest on tabletops or mounts. The idea for this peripheral is a culmination of research and dedication that Microsoft has been focused on since 2015. Working with Warfighter Engaged, the company that sparked interest in the idea, Microsoft’s controller will be viewed as the break out tech of 2018.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft’s adaptive controller brings gaming to people who cannot use the default Xbox controller. It’s also a new way of gaming for gamers who have lost the ability to use the Xbone controller. As I’ve previously stated, the adaptive controller can be customized to a user’s liking. The controller comes with large programmable buttons that can be changed to how a user wants their buttons to react. It can connect to external mounts, joysticks and other gaming peripherals that the user wants to add.

One of the major issues for gamers, well I think it’s an issue for me as I get older and the games don’t. My issue is my ability to continue to play games the same way that I’ve always gamed. To enjoy the games I play without having my age impact my gameplay. The adaptive controller removes the fear of an inability to manipulate gameplay, now we just need those mind sensing games like in all the sci-if movies.

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