Katie’s Social Media Hit or Miss: The Osso Good Co. Bone Broth

YBLTV Review: The Osso Good Co. Bone Broth 

It seems as though the public nowadays is clamoring to the alternative health lifestyle – we put big pharma on the back burner and look for holistic, natural remedies that claim to aid in anything from digestive health to weight loss to insomnia. One of the biggest stars of this social media blast is bone broth. Essentially made from boiling the bones of different animals (chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) in water for an extended period of time, these broths claim to help with losing weight and even aim at gut health.

I was initially skeptical, as many are, of such social media advertisements. Tummy teas, detox programs, and pre/post workouts flood my social media feed and many of the glowing comments are from sales representatives associated with the program. I know first-hand how alluring these promises can be – struggling with weight has been a lifetime problem and to hear such reviews makes these programs all the more interesting. Bone broth has become a major target of similar sales pitches, and some of the pricing can be cost prohibitive.

I found The Osso Good Co. on Facebook and was taken in by the range of products they offered – soups, broths, and gut health programs. As someone dealing with gastrointestinal problems for the past several years, I am extremely anxious about what I put into my body. Soups have been one of the easiest foods on my stomach, but even then I can experience intense cramping and other stomach problems.

Over the period of two weeks, I sampled the following broths from The Osso Good Co.

“I really like that The Osso Good Co. goes above and beyond with customer service, and aims to provide broths that target gut health, total body immunity, energy, and even some nutritional benefits for your canine companion. The ability to purchase individual flavors allows for the best introduction to the world of bone broths I’ve seen around the internet!” Katie Hernandez, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer, @khernandezybltv

Personal Thoughts

  • Each of the bone broths (in my opinion) needed seasoning, so a little salt or whatever spice you’re looking for. I would be careful with how you season these broths, because certain spices will still cause gastric distress and counteract possible benefits of the bone broths.
  • Your order is shipped with dry ice to keep the liquid frozen until you can get it to the freezer. Keep in mind that each pouch needs to be thawed out beforehand (just enough to squeeze the broth/soup through the pouch opening)
  • Each pouch holds about a large mug’s worth of liquid, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for meal replacements. I really liked that I could heat up the bone broth and put it in a mug because there are a number of days that I have severe anxiety about food options and feel sick. Drinking the broth is easy on my stomach and keeps me from feeling hungry late at night when G.E.R.D. episodes occur
  • Each bone broth pouch is is Whole 30 approved, gluten-free, antibiotic free, and paleo friendly, so these broths appeal to a large audience and make for a good place holder in between meals
  • Some people online complained that the bone broths tasted oily or buttery; there is a bit of a buttery taste to some of the broths, but with the added spices, it’s not terribly noticeable
  • My personal favorites out of the bone broths were the chicken bone broth and the tomato basil soup’r food – the Signature bone broth is comprised of organic chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and vegetables, which gives it a taste that may take some getting use to


  • Gentle on stomach – easy for people who have GI issues to consume and makes a good “snack”
  • Assists with a wholesome diet – while I cannot comment on whether or not this brand is specifically great at helping to lose weight, it did make me more considerate of what I was eating and how to incorporate the broths and soups into larger meals
  • Flavor – the flavor of the bone broths and soups were very rich without being too heavy, which helps keep the meal light on the stomach
  • Meal Prepping – helps if you’re doing meal prepping or a plan like Whole 30 and are searching for something to eat that won’t fill you up too much
  • Provides Holistic Approach To GI Health – I believe that bone broths and soups from similar companies really do make you consider the delicate balance of your stomach health. Many foods consumed in the U.S. aren’t considerate of gut flora, and can often lead to heart burn, acid reflux attacks, and long-term esophageal complications. This is like the wake-up call for lifestyle changes.


  • Price – with starter kits running up to $258 USD, the cost of keeping up with bone broth can be cost-prohibitive for many looking for a meal plan
  • Root Function – When people talk about losing weight with bone broth, most of the reason for this is because these broths act with laxative properties and cause you to be running to the bathroom. If you’re someone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (D), this may not make a huge difference in your daily life and may not be a large risk. If you have IBS (C) or have healthy bowl movements, this could make a large change in your bowel health that you’re not totally prepared for
  •   Acclimation – The flavor of the soups and broths do take some time to get use to, especially if you’re choosing to consume them by themselves vs. as part of a stew or large soup. The taste is extremely distinctive, but (in my opinion) is not necessarily “bad” – just takes time to adjust. Be prepared for this adjustment period when setting out to try bone broth.
  • Serving Size – While I consider the size of each pouch to be a pro (since I can drink a single pouch in one mug), some people may be looking for larger portion sizes, and with that comes a larger price tag.

Final Thoughts

With the wide variety that The Osso Good Co. provides for customers, and the ability to purchase single pouches to sample, I feel that this company really does want to give the best possible experience with such a “trendy” meal plan. I really feel like The Osso Good Co. goes above and beyond with customer service, and aims to provide recipes that target gut health, immunity, energy, and even provide some nutritional benefits for your canine companion. In my experience with The Osso Good Co., I can say that this bone broth is a personal hit for both personal taste and health benefits. I would encourage buying individually in order to find the flavor that fits your palate and to help introduce you to the world of bone broths and soups!


Disclosure of Material Connection: YBLTV Writer / Reviewer Katie Hernandez, received bone broths from The Osso Good Co. in consideration for a Product Review.

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